Portal Knights Wiki

During your time with Portal Knights you will complete many tasks and face many challenges. What better way to keep track of your accomplishments that with achievements.

A Happening Encounter your first Event.
Adventurer Unlock 20 Islands.
Baby Steps Mine 10 Blocks.
Dragon Slayer Defeat the Dragon Boss.
Eventing Complete 10 Event Quests.
Exterminator Defeat the Worm Boss.
Fledgling Complete all Tutorial Parts.
Ghost Buster Defeat the Hollow King Boss.
Level 10! Reach Level 10.
Level Up! Level Up for the first time.
Man Made Craft your first Item.
On the other side... Visit the Ghostworld.
Traveller Use a Portal for the first time.
Can't Touch This Defeat the Hollow King Boss without taking damage.
Do-It-Yourself Upgrade the Workbench to the maximum Level.
Evasionist Defeat the Dragon Boss with 5 Saurian Fighters alive.
Great Explorer Visit all Islands in the World.
Level 20! Reach Level 20.
Master of Magic Upgrade the Altar to the maximum Level.
Master Smith Upgrade the Anvil to the maximum Level.
Tinkerer Craft 50 Items.
Whack-No-Worm Defeat the Worm Boss without defeating any Small Worm.
World Changing Complete 50 Event Quests.
Down the Rabbit Hole Collect and equip the complete Rabbit Armor and eat a carrot.
Cubicide Mine 53,596 Blocks.
Dedicated Knight Complete 200 Event Quests.
Mass Production Craft 1000 Items.
Portal Knight Reach Level 30.
Workbenching Place a Workbench on every Island.
Rookie Cookie Level up for the first time as a Rogue.
How Low Can You Go? Venture inside the Low Rift.
Backstab Your Way to the Top Reach level 30 as a Rogue.
Stuck In the Middle With You Reach the Final Rift Forge in the Middle Rift.
High Achievers Reach the Final Rift Forge in the High Rift.
Armor-Retentive (Low Rift) Craft the entire set of Low Rift armor.
Armor-Retentive (Middle Rift) Craft the entire set of Middle Rift armor.
Armor-Retentive (High Rift) Craft the entire set of High Rift armor.
Conspiracy on Faynore Successfully complete all of the quests given by the Elves of Faynore.
High Plains Rifter Reach the end of the High Rift without dying.
Nosy Nellie Find ALL secret chests in the High Rift.