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Air Potion
Air Potion Icon.png
Max Stack: 50
Sell: 15 GP
Craft With: Altar II
Crafting Time: 1s
Cooldown: 4s
Internal Item ID = ??


Air Potions are used to restore 30 oxygen whilst under water, they also have a 4 second cooldown after use.


The recipe to craft an Air Potion is dropped from ether a Rumble Jelly, a Sea Maggot or a spider cave drop. Sea Maggots can only be found while doing the event "It lurks in the deep..." Rumble Jellies are found in worlds with water and the water has to be at least 2 blocks deep for them to appear.


5x Water Essence Water Essence Icon.png = Air Potion Icon.png
2x Fire Spirit Fire Spirit Icon.png