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The All-Watcher is the third and last mini boss the player will encounter. It can be found on the level 25 island Sea of Stalks.

Combat and Tactics[]

The All-Watcher can be found roaming Sea of Stalks it will engage the player when near. The All-Watcher will occasionally shoot either one or multiple homing magical attacks at the player. The All-Watcher will always start by summoning two creatures known as Watcher Spawn on the ground, then it will fly up out of the players reach. Once the Watcher Spawn are defeated the All-Watcher will return to the ground and can be attacked once more. The third thing the All-Watcher will do is try to hit the player with a laser beam from its main eye which will damage the player a lot if hit the last is it yells like a monster

The All-Watcher is weak aganist Light damage


The level 25 All-Watcher in Sea of Stalks appears to drop different loot form the level 30 one summoned from the All-Watcher Amulet of Invocation.

All-Watcher Trophy
Standard of the Righteous King(25)
Shroud of the Double-Crossed Corsair(25)
Al'gathor Lord's Tabard(25)
Cape of the Kingless Crow(25)
Astral Ring of Eternity(25)
Ring of Divine Protection(25)
Down Ye Blood Red Roses(25)
Bite of Anub'Kraken(25)
Knives of Deadly Whisper(25)
Gold Masterwork Fists of War(25)
Ice Strutter(25)
Orb of the Devout(25)
Golden Woe(?)
Lindor's Ring of Sky and Storms(30)
Recipe for Yellow Crystal Block(30)
Recipe for Planetary Strike II(30)
Recipe for Purple Crystal Block(30)
Recipe for Joren's Pyre(30)
Recipe for Crystal Executioner(30)
Recipe for Cape of Wings(30)
Recipe for Meera's Staff of Life(30)
Titanium Throwing Axe(30)
Poison Spike Trap(30)
Phantasm Trap(30)
Totem of Ice(30)
Totem of Storms(30)
Totem of Divine Mercy(30)
Energy Crystal(30)
Cape of the Wilted Shuck(25)
Greater Fangstick(25)

-The () indicates which level of the All-Watcher it was dropped from. (?) means it was recorded to drop from All-Watcher but not from which one.