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The Ancient Evil Electro Worm is the first of the hard mode bosses the player will encounter. Upon fighting the boss It has its own island arena, a level 35 area, the Ancient Lair. The Ancient Evil Electro Worm can only be accessed by using a Relic of Thunder. The Relic of Thunder tome is a rare drop from the first worm boss, Ancient Worm. You have to learn the tome, then craft the Relic of Thunder via the potions crafting menu below the health potions.


The Ancient Evil Electro Worm has 3 attacks in total, his first attack shoots an electric ball directly at the players position. The second attack the Ancient Evil Electro Worm will straighten up and begin to shake his body and head, while shaking his mouth opens up shooting a smaller electric ball into the air that will drop down landing at the players location. Occasionally the Ancient Evil Electro Worm will perform a call, this re-summons the Electro Worm Tails on the platform along with several Electro Maggots. The final attack comes after the Ancient Evil Electro Worm receives damage and regains consciousness​, he charges electricity down through his body from head to waist, and then unleashes it across the platform in a ring covering the whole area behind him. It kills almost any player who doesn’t jump.

Combat and Tactics[]

Recommended Gear - Poison Rain (or better Greater Poison Rain, Mana Potions, War Cry

Recommended Minimum Players - 1+

Weakness - Earth Damage

Upon arriving at the Ancient Lair, you will have to navigate over 4 floating platforms to gain access to the drop hole into the boss arena below. A single harmless Electro Worm Tail will be on the platform. If the player kills the Electro Worm Tail the Ancient Evil Electro Worm will spawn from the central pit. You must run around dodging both of his projectile attacks. The technique to dodging the attacks are exactly the same, stand in a single place for a second and await the moment he fires his projectile. Upon shooting the projectile move or roll to a new location. The projectile will not follow you. It will land in the area where you were standing at the time of him releasing the projectile from his mouth, giving you time to move out of the way with ease. With basic maneuvers and paying close attention to if its an air projectile or a straight shot projectile it is an easy process to master. Once you are comfortable with the moving around and dodging of the Ancient Evil Electro Worm's basic attacks, you can begin the second stage. Throughout the battle he will summon Electro Maggots onto the platform along with Worm Tails(3+1 for each player), you must destroy all of the Electro Worm Tails before you can attack him. You can take your time doing this just keep avoiding the Ancient Evil Electro Worm's attacks, if you need any health or mana in the process you can kill the Electro Maggots, they will drop both mana and health orbs.

After destroying Electro Worm Tails the boss will pass out, the Ancient Evil Electro Worm's head will land on the platform. The amount of tails you have to destroy will vary depending on the player count, just as the spawning itself. It does not matter what class you chose (Ranger, Warrior or Mage) but before the battle you should have crafted the spell Poison Rain, Run straight to his head on the platform and activate your War Cry spell, and use your Poison Rain spell as close to the head as you can, then begin a full on attack with your weapon.

When the Ancient Evil Electro Worm begins to regain consciousness be ready. He will stretch up vertical and begin to charge lightning inside his body, within seconds he will get larger in size and you will see the blue/white electric charge run down his body starting at his head, the charge will work its way down the Ancient Evil Electro Worm. When the charge is about to get level with the platform you must *JUMP*. The electric charge shoots out from the Ancient Evil Electro Worm's body in a huge ring covering the whole area floor. but this attack can easily be avoided with a simple jump at the correct time. After this you must repeat the same process from the 5 Worms Tails to the Electric bursting ring attack until the Ancient Evil Electro Worm has been defeated.

After completion, the same as the Ancient Worm the loot will fall from the sky and land in the center pool of water. Jump into the water and collect your loot, around the outer ring of the steam above you will see small steps to get back up to the platform.

There is no exit portal for the Ancient Evil Electro Worm like previous bosses so you must portal back out using the map screen.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • The standard attack will always target the nearest player, you can have one player running in a close circle, taking in the worms attention while others take out its tails.
  • If you can't time your jump correctly for the third attack, you can use a rocket or a Crushing Leap spell.
  • Killing the Ancient Evil Electro Worm will count towards an event completed and can be repeated an unlimited amount of times.
  • The Ancient Evil Electro Worm is the easiest boss of the 3 Hard Mode Bosses.
  • Farming the Ancient Evil Electro Worm is good for collecting Titanium Ore, Gossamer and Refined Electro Quartz as they drop every time.
  • The Recipes and Weapons dropped from the Ancient Evil Electro Worm are all designed to help with battling the next Hard Mode Boss.
  • Learn the Poison Rain II recipe after defeating the Ancient Evil Electro Worm and you can farm him easily with nearly double your normal damage.


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