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The Ancient Refuge is the 3rd and final Hard Mode Boss arena in Portal Knights. Here the player will encounter the King of Light.

The area can only be reached using a Relic of Light, the recipe for which drops from the normal mode final boss, the Hollow King.

Unlike the normal mode boss arenas, the area has an "entrance" in which the player must navigate through corridors. At the end of each one is a drop through which the player may advance. In each of the 3 drops, there are braziers that shoot magic projectiles upwards. By timing the jump properly, the player can avoid damage. At the end of the corridors the player drops into a small room with 4 exits, each dropping down to the surface of the boss area where the battle occurs.

Island Level[]

Level: 35

Number Of Portals[]

Portals: 0






The entire island is locked for mining and construction. It cannot be modified in any way.