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Astral Heart
Astral Heart Icon.png
Max Stack: 50
Internal Item ID = 40


Astral Heart is an end-game item, used for crafting high-level gear. It is also used to gain access to the Portal Knight's Sanctuary island as well as completing the quest for the Spectral Pal on said island. It can also be used for the end of the game once given to Landor, The Gatekeeper it will be exchanged for a Gatestone. It will be used to enter the Portal Knight's Sanctuary

Dropped By[]

Crafting Uses[]

In addition, all highest, class-specific set items need an Astral Heart (and a lower gear item):

King's Set Crusader Set Retribution Set
King's Helm Crusader Great Helm Helm of Retribution
King's Breastplate Crusader Breastplate Breastplate of Retribution
King's Gauntlets Crusader Gauntlets Gauntlets of Retribution
King's Legbraces Crusader Greaves Greaves of Retribution
Renowned Marksmith Set Unbreakable Set Plunderer's Set
Renowned Marksmith Helm Helm of the Unbreakable Plunderer's Helm
Renowned Marksmith Platemail Platemail of the Unbreakable Plunderer's Platemail
Renowned Marksmith Gauntlets Gauntlets of the Unbreakable Plunderer's Gauntlets
Renowned Marksmith Greaves Greaves of the Unbreakable Plunderer's Greaves
Legendary Archmage Set Magi General Set Renowned Exploiter Set
Legendary Archmage Crown Magi General Crown Renowned Exploiter Crown
Legendary Archmage Habiliment Magi General Habiliment Renowned Exploiter Habiliment
Legendary Archmage Gloves Magi General Gloves Renowned Exploiter Gloves
Legendary Archmage Boots Magi General Boots Renowned Exploiter Boots
Trickster God Set Wanted Varlet Set King Slayer Set
Helm of the Trickster God Helm of the Wanted Varlet King Slayer Helm
Chestplate of the Trickster God Chestplate of the Wanted Varlet King Slayer Mail
Gauntlets of the Trickster God Gloves of the Wanted Varlet King Slayer Gauntlets
Leg Braces of the Trickster God Leg Braces of the Wanted Varlet King Slayer Greaves
Champion Ascendant Set Shapeshifter Ascendant Set Guardian Ascendant Set
Helm of the Champion Ascendant Helm of the Shapeshifter Ascendant Helm of the Guardian Ascendant
Chestplate of the Champion Ascendant Chestplate of the Shapeshifter Ascendant Chestplate of the Guardian Ascendant
Bracers of the Champion Ascendant Bracers of the Shapeshifter Ascendant Bracers of the Guardian Ascendant
Greaves of the Champion Ascendant Greaves of the Shapeshifter Ascendant Greaves of the Guardian Ascendant