Portal Knights Wiki

List Of Bars[]

Icon Resource Station Used in Dropped by Recipe
Copper Bar Icon.png Copper Bar Furnace I Copper-Plate Block
Large Door
Mining Claw
Copper Pickaxe
Lumberjack Axe
Mining Drill
Arcane Compass
Strong Copper Bow
Copper Knife
Armored Copper Bow
Copper Crossbow
Staff of Natural Wonders
Copper Scythe
Touch of Nature
Staff of Fire
Mage's Orb
Copper Axe
Copper Reinforced Hammer
Copper Longsword
Copper Club
Miner Helmet
Marksman Set
Huntsman Set
Ranger Set
Viking Set
Armored Ring of Nature
Magic Ring of Fire
3x Copper Ore
1x Coal
Iron Bar Icon.png Iron Bar Furnace II Iron-Plate Block
Chest II
Small Cage Door
Large Cage Door
Classic Chair
Classic Wardrobe
Classic Nightstand
Classic Bench
Classic Seat
Classic Table
Classic Stool
Classic Bookcase
Iron Lumberjack Axe
Iron Mining Drill
Iron Pickaxe
Resource Scanner
Iron Dagger of Ice
Iron Huntsman Crossbow
Iron Blade
Strong Iron Bow
Iron Dagger
Iron Cutter
Iron Crossbow
Iron Power Slingshot
Sunna, the Golden Longbow
Golden Scalpel
Master's Orb
Staff of Ice
Masterwork Wand of Fire
Iron Scythe
Iron Maul
Iron Sun Cleaver
Iron Paw
Pirate's Sabre
Iron Greatsword
Iron Battlehammer
Iron Greataxe
Iron Mitt
Iron Longsword
Portal Guard's Sabre
Iron Reinforced Hammer
Raider Set
Pathfinder Set
Trickster Set
Bandit Set
Piked Helmet
Felix's Power
Critical Ring of Thunder
Vitality Ring of Ice
Dreadwand of Poison
Dreadwand of Storms
3x Iron Ore
2x Coal
Gold Bar Icon.png Gold Bar Furnace III Gold-Plate Block
Chest III
Classic Hanging Brazier
Classic Brazier
Classic Tall Brazier
Baroque Bed
Baroque Bookcase
Baroque Stool
Baroque Wardrobe
Baroque Nightstand
Baroque Bench
Baroque Table
Tall Baroque Cupboard
Gold Mining Claw
Gold Lumberjack Axe
Gold Mining Drill
Golden Pickaxe
Sunna, the Golden Longbow
Golden Scalpel
Golden Ceremonial Dagger
Golden Huntsman Crossbow
Golden Throwing Knives
Golden Ram
Crystallized Fire Longbow
Golden Archstaff
Immortal Gold
Golden Reaper
Crystal Staff of Creation
Golden Fist
Gold Cataclysm
Golden Bonegrinder
Gold Crusher
Gold Mace
Gold Sun Cleaver
Golden Paw
Golden Battlehammer
Golden Greatsword
Crystal Cataclysm
Archer Set
Rogue Set
Sharpshooter Set
Pharaoh Wig
Gladiator Set
Magic Ring of Ice
Berserker Set
Guardian Set
Viking Warlord Set
3x Gold Ore
3x Coal
Titanium Bar Icon.png Titanium Bar Furnace IV Titanium-Plate Block
Chest IV
Titanium Mining Claw
Titanium Lumberjack Axe
Titanium Mining Drill
Titanium Pickaxe
Titanium Scalpel
Titanium Throwing Knives
Titanium Heartseeker Crossbow
Titanium Ram
Immortal Titanium
Eternal Void
Titanium Harvester of Doom
Titanium Bonegrinder
Titanium Crusher
Buccaneer's Sabre
Assassin's Set
Captain's Set
Watchman Set
Crystal Hardened Set
King's Set
Battlemaster Set
Ancient Ring of Ice
Ancient Ring of Light
Ancient Ring of Thunder
Angelic Ring
Vengeful Ring
Lifebinder Ring
Dark Ring of Eternity
Shining Ring of Battle
Paladin Set
King of Light 3x Titanium Ore
4x Coal