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Burning Bones


The Burning Bones is an aggressive creature and will attack a player on sight. It moves very slowly so it doesnt offer much of a fight.

Combat and Tactics[]

The Burning Bones has two attacks in which it bashes the player with a big axe. Evading this move is easy as it telegraphs its attack by drawing back its axe for a second. Dodging back is the easist defence. Melee characters can simply hit the enemy when it is not attacking, and ranged characters can take advantage of any open space to attack it from outside of its attack range. The other attack enlists of the Burning Bones shooting a fireball out of its axe. This is easy to dodge because it is very slow. The fireball dissapears after a few seconds but if it hits it does a lot of damage.

Deals Resists Vulnerable to
Fire Earth Water



The Burning Bones can be found on the following islands:

The Burning Bones also appears on any island during the Gang of Bones event.