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Captain Fluffy Tum Tums is a trader npc in Portal Knights, found in the Low Rift, Middle Rift and High Rift at each Midway Forge level.

Regular Healing Potion(L) 6x 12g
Regular Mana Potion(L) 6x 12g
Swiftness Potion(L M H) 6x 16g
Magic Damage Protection Flask(L M H) 3x 32g
Strong Healing Potion(M) 3x 18g
Strong Mana Potion(M) 3x 18g
Armor Flask(M H) 3x 32g
Air Potion(M H) 3x 18g
Mighty Healing Potion(H) 6x 24g
Mighty Mana Potion(H) 6x 80g
Melee Damage Flask(H) 3x 40g
Ranged Damage Flask(H) 3x 40g
Spell Damage Flask(H) 3x 40g

L= Low Rift
M= Middle Rift
H= High Rift