A trader in Stoutheart Landing. His name is one of the oldest and most highly respected in the land.

Col. Squishy Face Wiggle Bum
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Type: Trader
Sells: Armor, Weapons,
Found on: Stoutheart Landing


Items are purchasable with Defense Coins from Relic Defense.

Item Name Price
Bitter Root Ring 200dc
Bitter Root Cape 200dc
Moonstone Dragonhide Club 400dc
Green Hornet Bow 400dc
Juvenile Clawbeast Fist 400dc
Kitsu's Iron Scimitar 400dc
Wand of Green Mists 400dc
Fallentown Ring 2,000dc
Fallentown Cape 2,000dc
Sunstone Dragonhide Club 4,000dc
Yellow Hornet Bow 4,000dc
Adult Clawbeast Fist 4,000dc
Kitsu's Gold Scimitar 4,000dc
Wand of Sunsets 4,000dc
Temple Mines RIng 20,000dc
Temple Mines Cape 20,000dc
Bloodstone Dragonhide Club 40,000dc
Red Hornet Bow 40,000dc
King Clawbeast Fist 40,000dc
Kitsu's Emerald Scimitar 40,000dc
Wand of Sky 40,000dc
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