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{{Item|Copper Assassin Blades|maxstack=1|type=Melee|inflicts=Fire|damage=28|craftstation=[[Rogue Station]] |internalid=??}}
{{Item|Copper Assassin Blades|maxstack=1|type=Melee|inflicts=Fire|damage=28|craftingstation=[[Rogue Station]] |internalid=??}}
== Description ==
== Description ==

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Copper Assassin Blades
Copper Assassin Blades Icon.png
Max Stack: 1
Type: Melee
Inflicts: Fire
Damage: 28
Craft With: Rogue Station
Internal Item ID = ??


The Copper Assassin Blades is one of the Rogue Weapons in Portal Knights. When used, it has the following effects on the player:

  • +21% Elemental Damage over time


4x Wood Logs
Wood Logs Icon.png
4x Copper Bar
Copper Bar Icon.png