Portal Knights Wiki

Critical strike chance[]

Critical strike chance is the chance for your attack to be increased by a certain percentage (critical damage). The base crit chance is 20% for all classes and the base crit damage is 150% for all classes.

This means that for every 5 hits 1 of them will be 1.5x more powerful, for example if you did 10 damage per hit, a critical strike would deal 15 damage with the base stats of +150%.

Using critical strike as a warrior[]

Maximizing damage[]

As a warrior, critical strikes are the way to deal massive damage in a single hit. For example, you can deal up to 6883 damage in a single hit with this configuration of attributes, however you only have one hit within the time frame all the buffs are active.

The overall stats are:

  • 196% crit dmg
  • 86% crit chance
  • +120 melee dmg
  • 5% dark dmg resistance
  • 10% fire dmg resistance
  • ~300-320% melee dmg increase
  • -25% warrior shout cooldown
  • +50% warrior shout effectiveness


Helm of retribution

  • +5% crit damage
  • +8% crit chance

Adept ghost bandits gambeson

  • +5% crit damage
  • +7% crit chance
  • +5% dark damage resistance

Outlaw gloves

  • +90 melee damage

Greaves of retribution

  • +5% crit damage
  • +8% crit chance

Cloak or the eternal watcher

  • +5% crit damage
  • +8% crit chance

Ring of fire

  • +4% crit damage
  • +5% crit chance
  • +10% fire damage resistance

Total stats

  • +24% crit damage
  • +36% crit chance
  • +90 melee damage
  • +5% dark damage resistance
  • +10% fire damage resistance


Normally, I would use the Axe of the lone archfiend (208 base damage) because of the high crit chance (64%) and crit damage (11%).

However, the Titanium masterwork cleaver (172 base damage) has a lower crit chance (28%) but a higher crit damage (18%), also +46 health but that's not enough to make a difference really, this 7% increase to crit damage is actually enough to make it have a higher overall damage on a critical strike than the Axe of the lone archfiend, with the downside of 14% reduced crit chance (I realize that if you do the maths it's a 36% reduction but as the cap is 100% and the chance is 86% so the reduction would only be 14%)

Therefore the higher overall damage on a critical strike from using this weapon is worth it as you still have a very high crit chance.

Skills and potions[]

In this order:

  • Strength flask, 90 seconds (+30% strength, not +30% melee damage, but roughly +30 melee damage)
  • War cry, 20 seconds (Has a base of +15% increased damage but is scaled through increasing strength, so is now roughly +40% to +50%)
  • Enrage, 20 seconds (Has a base of +20% increased damage but is scaled through increasing strength, so is now roughly +45% to +55%)
  • Masterwork frost mine, 5 seconds (Enemies affected by its explosion receive 30% increased melee damage)

If done correctly this should give you roughly 7-8 seconds of a roughly +125% increase to melee damage and +30 melee damage.

Talent configuration[]

The ones that will affect this are:

  • ‌Axe expert (+25% axe damage)
  • ‌Commander (+15% damage for all players within 5m(blocks) of you)
  • ‌Aggression (-25% shout cool down)
  • ‌Chain attacks (every three attacks the fourth does +50% more damage)
  • ‌Empowered lung (+50% shout effectiveness)
  • ‌External rage (upon defeating an enemy for 10 seconds you have 50% increased attack damage)

Skill point distribution[]

I would recommend you use a potion of the void and place all of your skill points into your strength attribute as this will increase melee damage by 1 every point.

The Rush effect[]

Rush is a bonus for armour that regenerates a specified amount of health (highest 71)

upon a critical strike. Rush can be used to tank lots of hits from a large group of enemies and heal quickly, this is especially useful for the relic defenses. Check this link here for more info on rush.