Crushing Leap

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Crushing Leap
Crushing Leap Icon.png
Max Stack: 1
Sell: ?? GP
Craft With: Altar
Crafting Time: ??s
Cooldown: 6s
Internal Item ID = ??


This one of the Skills in Portal Knights. Jumps high into the air, slamming down with crushing force to deal melee weapon damage.

Damage Melee weapon dependent (about 3~4 times of normal attack)
Mana Cost 120


If you use this spell right after you jump, you can jump over maximum 8 blocks, much higher than 2 blocks when you just jump.

This method lets you roam around the islands much more freely.

This spell is judged as a Warrior Shout, so Warrior's Aggression talent reduces this spell's cooldown to 4.5 seconds.


4x Verdant Emerald Dust
Verdant Emerald Dust Icon.png