Crushing Leap

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Crushing Leap
Crushing Leap Icon.png
Max Stack: 1
Sell: ?? GP
Craft With: Altar
Crafting Time: ??s
Cooldown: 6s
Internal Item ID = ??


This one of the Skills in Portal Knights. Using it, the player jumps high into the air, slamming down with crushing force to deal melee weapon damage.

Damage Melee weapon dependent (about 3~4 times of normal attack)
Mana Cost 120


If you use this spell right after you jump, you can jump over maximum 8 blocks, much higher than 2 blocks when you just jump. This method lets you roam around the islands much more freely.

This spell is also categorized as a Warrior shout, so the Warrior's Aggression talent reduces this spell's cooldown to 4.5 seconds.


4x Verdant Emerald Dust
Verdant Emerald Dust Icon.png