Crystal Executioner

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Crystal Executioner
Crystal Cataclysm Icon.png
Max Stack: 1
Type: Melee
Inflicts: Dark
Sell: 636 GP
Damage: 202
Craft With: Anvil IV
Crafting Time: 8m
Internal Item ID = 133

Description[edit | edit source]

The Crystal Executioner is one of the Warrior Weapons in Portal Knights. When used, it has the following effects on the player:

  • +106 Health
  • Mana Regeneration +21
  • Absorber

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Because of the weapon rework in update 1.3.0, the crafting of this weapon is not directly available anymore. The recipe for that weapon can be found in the Tomb of C'Thiris event in a Epic Chest or as a drop from the All-Watcher.

12x Energy Crystal
Energy Crystal Icon.png
4x Moon Opal Dust
1x Gold Bar
Gold Bar Icon.png

Screenshot[edit | edit source]

Crystal Cataclysm.jpg