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Daring Bones


The Daring Bones is an aggressive creature and will attack a player on sight. It moves very slowly so it doesn't offer much of a fight. The Daring Bones is great to farm as it drops the rare and highly desirable Titanium Ore.

Combat and Tactics[]

The Daring Bones has one attack in which it spawns a beam of dark energy using its staff. Evading this move is easy as it telegraphs its attack by drawing back its staff for a second before launching giving the player ample time to dodge. Dodging to the side is the easiest defence. Melee characters can simply hit the enemy when it is not attacking, and ranged characters can take advantage of any open space to attack it from outside of its attack range.

Deals Resists Vulnerable to
Dark Dark Light



The Daring Bones can be found on the following islands: