Dirt Block
Dirt Block Icon.png

Max Stack: 400
Density: 4
Type: Block
Sell: 1 GP
Internal Item ID = 1164 1135 V1.0.1


Dirt Blocks are the most common blocks in Portal Knights. They make up the terrain of every island available in the game, and therefore are available everywhere. Dirt Blocks have a unique appearance depending on the island they are on.

They are typically used to build structures (e.g. bridges, perches, and pillars) to traverse an island during exploration. They can also be used to do something that requires a mass amount of blocks regardless of appearance (e.g. filling a hole, a long bridge to connect islands), or are used to build in-theme with the islands (due to its dynamic texture).


Dirt Blocks occur naturally on every island of the world.


Dirt Blocks cannot be crafted.

Crafting Use

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