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Dr. Rapacci


Dr. Rapacci was a scientist researching the toxic soil in Brackenburg.

Dr. Rapacci's Journal[]

"I believe I've finally found a way to make the soil here healthy again. I can create a plant that will absorb the toxic material through its roots, until none remains.

Early trials are promising. The roots of these plants are very strong indeed. A single plant can hold a gallon of the toxin! Marvelous.

It appears I've made an error. The substance isn't simply a toxin. it\s fundamentally changing these plants. I'm not sure how to counteract it...or indeed, if i even can.

It's no longer safe for me to be here. I must go. Apologies in advance if you run into my unfortunate creations."

-- Dr. Rapacci


  • The base plant for Dr.Rapacci's experiment were Sweet Potatoes.
  • Dr.Rapacci was the creator of Blossoms, or at least was able to replicate how they originally they came to be.