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Dr. Stellamaris is a quest giver and a Trader npc in Portal Knights found on Starspires.

Item Name Amt. Available Price
Replica of the Strange Totem Piece 3000g
Laboratory Bottle 200g
Laboratory Glass* 40g
Microscope 200g
Telescope 200g
Laboratory Test Tube Holder** 40g
Blackboard*** 300g
Meteor Shower 2000g

(* Laboratory Glass has 6 Variations)
(**Laboratory Test Tube Holder has 2 Variations)
(***Blackboard has 4 Variations)


Dark Crystal: Gather Meteorites and power up 3 stellar research stations.

A Magic Touch: Activate the machine to reenergize the Strange Totem Piece. Collect Strange Totem Piece and return to Dr. Stellamaris.



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