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Event Line[]

The island is covered with colourful eggs. But watch out, the Hollow Knights corrupted some of them.


Craft a Golden Egg. (Note: The golden egg HAS to be crafted on the island that the event takes place, otherwise it won't mark the event as completed.)

Loot and Tips[]

The Egg hunt is a seasonal Event that occurs around Easter time, and lasts 30 days.

During the egg hunt, colorful eggs will spawn all across the surface of the island. Eggs are rarely ever found out in the open. They seem to spawn most frequently nearby trees, especially in areas where there are many trees close together.

There are three colors of eggs:

Yellow Egg Icon.png Yellow Egg Green Egg Icon.png Green Egg Orange Egg Icon.png Orange Egg

Corrupted Eggs will also spawn during the Egg Hunt. Corrupted eggs look exactly like yellow, orange, or green eggs, except they will attack the player when they are hit.

Both corrupted eggs and regular eggs drop 1-4 eggs (as items) of their respective color when destroyed or killed.

If you can't find enough eggs, try leaving the island then returning. More eggs will spawn.


Since cursed eggs count as mobs, blocks nearby them cannot be broken. If you mysteriously find a tree that cannot be broken, it probably means a cursed egg is nearby, possibly hidden in the tree.

When attacked, cursed eggs make a crunching noise like eggshells being stepped on.


A Golden Egg next to two other eggs.

An egg in front of some trees.

A Green Egg very well hidden between two trees.

Two eggs on either side of a tree (the one on the left is corrupt).

A corrupt Orange Egg attacking the player.

A Green Egg next to a pumpkin.

An Orange Egg next to a mushroom.

Three very well hidden eggs (look closely.The yellow and orange eggs are barely visible on either side of the green egg in the leaves.)