Portal Knights Wiki

Farming is currently a relatively minor part of Portal Knights. However, players are able to grow a variety of plants, trees, and edibles which may be used in crafting a large variety of items such as furniture, armor, and potions. The main tools for farming are dirt blocks, a hoe, and the sapling or seed for whatever you intend to grow.

Process[ | ]

  1. Place a sufficiently large enough patch of dirt blocks.
  2. Till the dirt blocks into soil blocks which will grow plants 3 times faster.
  3. Plant the vegetation.
  4. Wait for the plants to grow.
  5. Harvest them.
  6. Repeat.

Tips[ | ]

  1. As you cut down tree for wood logs replant plenty of them in tilled soil early on in the game. You will often need wood logs even in some tier 4 crafting.
  2. Like trees, plant plenty of cotton seeds as well so that you can use them for torches later on. Torches are your friends.
  3. Many plants and trees are only able to be grown in their native environment. It is not possible to plant and grow them on a different world environment.
  4. Hint: The time it takes to grow your planet can be skipped by sleeping in a bed in game a few of the days and nights.