Funny Jongo

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Funny Jongo
Funny Jongo.png
Type: Trader
Sells: Pets
Found on: Garnet Peaks

Description[edit | edit source]

Pet trader in Garnet Peaks with unlimited supply of various Pets and pet homes.

Item Name Amt. Available Price
Dog House 50g
Bird Cage 100g
Rat Wheel 100g
Leo the Boxer 10000g
Black Boxer 2000g
White Boxer 2000g
Gray Cat 800g
Black Cat 1200g
Green Frog 800g
Brown Toad 1200g
Brown Owl 800g
Brown-Black Owl 1200g
Gray Rat 40g
White Rat 800g
Gray Brown Monkey 1200g
Brown Monkey 1200g

Location[edit | edit source]

House with a little farm, close to one of Garnet Peaks' towers.

Relocatable[edit | edit source]


Gallery[edit | edit source]