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Furniture Giftbox
Furniture Giftbox Icon.png
Max Stack: 32
Craft With: Drafting Table
Internal Item ID = ??


A craftable Giftbox containing a variety of Furniture items. This item places a Gift box on the ground, that when activated will disappear leaving its contents behind.


10x Energy Crystal Center
9x Red Portal Stone
Red Portal Stone Icon.png
30x Gossamer
Magic Fleece Cloth Icon.png

Possible contents[]

Baroque Bed
Baroque Chair
Baroque Sofa
Baroque Stool
Baroque Bench
Baroque Nightstand
Baroque Bookcase
Baroque Wardrobe
Baroque Table
Tall Baroque Cupboard
Short Baroque Cupboard
Wide Baroque Cupboard
Classic Brazier
Classic Tall Brazier
Classic Hanging Brazier
Classic Chair
Classic Seat
Classic Stool
Classic Bench
Classic Nightstand
Classic Bookcase
Classic Wardrobe
Classic Table
Classic Cupboard
Classic Dresser
Big Classic Dresser
Bamboo Bed
Bamboo Chair
Bamboo Seat
Bamboo Stool
Bamboo Bench
Bamboo Nightstand
Bamboo Bookcase
Bamboo Wardrobe
Bamboo Table
Bamboo Dresser
Bamboo Window
Wooden Door with Window
Stone Chair
Stone Seat
Stone Stool
Stone Bench
Stone Cupboard
Stone Table
Stone Bookrest
Stone Door
Knight Statue
Dungeon Cage (Horizontal)
Dungeon Cage (Vertical)
Hanging Dungeon Cage
Slim Dungeon Cage
Dungeon Window Grate
Dungeon Cage Floor Grate
Small Dungeon Cage Wall
Large Dungeon Cage Entrance
Small Cage Door
Large Cage Door
Empty Mine Car
Loaded Mine Car
Straight Mine Rail 01
Straight Mine Rail 02
Broken Mine Rail End
Mine Rail Junction
Two-Way Mine Rail Bend
Small Mine Rail Bend
Large Mine Rail Bend
Sand Brazier
Tentacle Brazier
Sand Bench
Sand Gate
Statue of C'thoad
Statue of Al'Gathor
Coffin of C'Thiris