Portal Knights Wiki


  • Most of the better weapons and armor can be found in chests at the ends of dungeons.
  • Finding portals to other islands can be tedious. The Arcane Compass is your friend! If you look carefully at the animation when you use the compass, you can judge not just the direction to a portal and its color, but how far away it is and if it's below or above you.
  • A small world makes it easy to find portals so that you can move on quickly through the game. A large world has much more resources available to mine and collect. You can make up to three worlds and use your character in any of them without penalty.
  • Explore! Just digging around gets you XP. (Periodically drops from blocks that you break)
  • Need to dig down? Select your pickaxe, aim straight down right under your feet and hold down the action key. You will dig and drop down at the same time.
  • It is smarter to dig down one or two blocks in front of you instead of directly down. You never know if the edge of the world is below, or a big drop that could kill you!
  • Need to climb up? Select a dirt or sand block, aim straight down at your feet and rapidly click the action key.
  • Your friends (and your future self) will always appreciate a set of stairs. Make them easily by aiming diagonally upward with the Mining Drill.
  • A Mining Drill is very fast for exploring underground. It cuts through up to seven blocks at once! It's also a good way to stay alive underwater by digging faster than the water can fill the "air" blocks.
  • The Mining Drill is best for use only on dirt blocks.
  • Building a bridge using dirt blocks to get to derelict islands is easier than you think. You don't have to place each block one by one. Switch to 1st person view and hold down the block placement button while advancing. If you see that you are moving too fast for the placement and you are about to overshoot the bridge, very briefly release the button to advance and press it again. This technique is excellent for building structures as well.
  • You can place or break tiles up to 15 blocks away from you in first person mode.
  • Another good way to reach high places or far away land masses (or simply move around faster) is the use of Rockets or Scrolls of Teleportation. Both can be crafted or found as drops from Creatures but Rockets can also be bought from Razzo.
  • On the world map, there will be faint, partial lines which indicate which maps are connected via portals. If world A is connected to world B, world A will have the line originating from it going towards world B. World B will not have a line going back to world A. This indicates the direction of possible portal travel, and it means you should not look for a portal on world B that goes to world A.
  • Every new island you are going to discover will be one level higher than the last one of that section. You can make a specific island have higher level by ignoring it until later or lower level by discovering it sooner.
  • Launch yourself out of the water by rolling and jumping upward and forward at the same time.


  • Using a weapon with a damage type that counters the one of your foe will make your life easier (or harder if you use the type that it can resist). Generally, the order is Fire > Earth > Electro > Water > Fire.
  • Most creatures that do melee damage can't reach you if you are 2 (or more) blocks higher then they. Beware though, some of them can jump up to four blocks high to catch you.
  • Foes will never follow you and drop down somewhere where it does damage to them. It's a good way to flee if you have HP to survive the fall.
  • Even tougher creatures die almost instantly if completely submerged in water. Try to lure them into it.
  • Any skill or attack with an area effect can damage foes over blocks or walls.
  • Getting out of mana points too quickly? Moonstone Blocks drop a Mighty Mana Potion upon destruction. It's also a good way to "mark" places you visited (they will be dark).

Item Storage/Resources[]

  • All Resources have a purpose. Make chests and store everything until you figure out what you need. Pick a world to make a temporary or permanent base to put all your chests into for a centralized storage.
  • Your chests and buildings will not be damaged or looted by enemies.
  • If you need a particular metal resource for crafting, know that the 1st place you find it will have the lowest density of that ore. Quickly moving on to the next Island where you find it will be much more efficient overall.
  • You will find a higher density of stone, ore and gem pockets the lower you go on the level. Beware, it is dangerous to dig straight down!
  • If you absolutely must have as much inventory space as possible, higher level Mining Drills are decent general-use tools. They may not be as fast as dedicated tools but the expanded digging area makes a lot of difference. Just remember to only do it where you don't need precision.


  • Lighting can be difficult in this game. You need to place torches everywhere if you don't want to hold one in your hand all the time. One trick is to craft a Miner Helmet (Workbench II) and place it in the vanity head slot. You still get the stats from your main headpiece, but you'll also get the light from the Miner's Helmet.
  • Some Weapons give off a faint to moderate glow, especially Mage weapons.
  • With Altar II and above you can craft Wisp potions that provide light.
  • Holding a torch in your hands provides brighter and further light than placing a torch on the ground or on a wall.
  • The Asteroid Event provides five Asteroid Core Blocks upon completion. These blocks will produce purple light wherever they are placed.
  • Some things don't produce light even if it seems like they should. (Ex: Glowing Sandstone Block and Halo)


  • Wondering what to improve next? Priorities remain the same throughout the game: 1-Get each type of crafting station, 2-Improve your digging tools, 3-Improve your weapons and armor, 4-Level your crafting stations.
  • Unlike other games, the choice between 1st and 3rd person views is not just a preference. You will want to switch between these view styles frequently. Get used to both. Battle is much easier in 3rd person. Construction is much easier in 1st person.
  • The timers for random events in the worlds begins when you first view the planet map. Each planet/world has its own event system, so you can have up three quest events at a time as there is a maximum creation of three worlds at a time.