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Glimmerglen is one of the Islands in The World of Portal Knights.


You must climb to the top of the tower and disable the shield in order to be able to mine and place. It is the only way to unlock the portal. This requires either completion of all the "tower quests", or climbing the outer walls using some means to increase jump height, like the double jump stat on some boots.

1. (Oswix the Ipassioned) The care and feeding of greatbeasts and My year spent living amongst the ancient worm.

2. 3 Unfinished light scrolls.

3. 5 Hollow imps.

4. 3 Sun diamond dust and 3 sea sapphire dust.

5. Use the scrolls to unlock the staircase and deactivate the shield.

6. (Optional) Show a broom pet to person.

Note that number 6 is at the top of the tower along with the portal.

Island Level[]

Level: 23

Number Of Portals[]

Portals: 1

Lunar Landing