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__NOTOC__{{Item|Healing|maxstack=1|sellvalue=??|craftingstation=[[Altar]] II|cooldown=6s|craftingtime=3s|internalid=??}} this will help a lot against the hard mode bosses
__NOTOC__{{Item|Healing|maxstack=1|sellvalue=??|craftingstation=[[Altar]] II|cooldown=6s|craftingtime=3s|internalid=??}}
== Description ==
== Description ==

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Greater Heal
Healing Icon.png
Max Stack: 1
Sell: ?? GP
Craft With: Altar II
Crafting Time: 3s
Cooldown: 6s
Internal Item ID = ??


Restores health

Requirements Character Level 12
Restores 196 Health.
Mana Cost 245


1x Heal
Healing Icon.png
5x Electro Quartz Dust