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The Hollow King is the third and final boss the player will encounter. He has his own island arena, a level 30 area, World's End

Hollow King

Hollow King Boss Fight

Behavior[ | ]

When arriving at the arena, The Hollow King awaits, along with 2 (+1 for every player) Shadow Crystals. Until the player strikes one of the crystals, nothing will happen. Once struck, the boss will begin attacking the player. The Hollow King spins toward the player in an almost unavoidable attack with his giant sickle: The Spin Sickle!(you can use fire works to go over it) Fortunately, this attack does a minimal amount of damage. Following the Spin Sickle, the king proceeds to hurl three volleys of astral orbs at the player. These are devastating if not dodged. Meanwhile, the player can attack the Shadow Crystals.

Hollow King Down

Icon form Hollow King

Once all crystals are destroyed, the Hollow King will revert to icon form and be vulnerable to attack. If at any time the player leaves the platform, the player will be safe but the fight will be fully reset.

Combat and Tactics[ | ]

If the player concentrates on dodging the astral orbs then they won't take much damage. Failing to do this will be costly! That doesn't leave much time for attacking the crystals. Use the auto-lock feature to lock on to a target then face the boss to dodge the volleys while blindly attacking the crystals. The boss is very vulnerable to Light Damage and resistant to Dark Damage, so choose your weapon or spell accordingly. (this would be a 10/10 difficulty. Would recommend wearing platinum armor, if you don't, a friend to help you. Hope this helps!)

Drops[ | ]

Drops are based on 25 Boss kills.

    • in process of being updated, finished by (2/28/2021)

The Hollow King will often drop Recipes and may sometimes drop 3 or 4 ones (all different). The recipe for Relic of Light does not count towards those, so if you are one extremely lucky drop God, he may drop it along with 4 other recipes.

Total Experience Per Run ???
Exp for Boss Kill *None*
Exp Orbs Dropped 19194
Gold Per Run (avg) 215
Hollow King DROPS (solo) Overall DR (x125) Overall DR % Druid (x25) Drop Rate % Mage (x25) Drop Rate % Ranger (x25) Drop Rate % Rogue (x25) Drop Rate % Warrior (x25) Drop Rate %
Astral Heart 125 100% 25 100% 25 100% 25 100% 25 100% 25 100%
Mighty Healing Potion 31% 1-2:1
Mighty Mana Potion 34% 1-2:1
Titanium Masterwork Fists of War 5% 1:1
The Coasts of Mosakola 2% 1:1
Dark Prince pet 6% 1:1
Recipe for Electro Damage Protection Flask 7% 1:1
Recipe for Fluffy's Speed 5% 1:1
Recipe for Planetary Strike II 47% 1:1
Recipe for Relic of Light 21% 1:1
Recipe for Purple Crystal Block ?
Recipe for Yellow Crystal Block ?
Recipe for Cape of Wings ?
Cloak of the Eternal Watcher ?
Shroud of the Hollow King ?
Shroud of the Spectral Mage ?
Ring of Binding ?
Ring of Harrold's Revenge ?
Filia's Ring of Blessed Health ?
Stilettos of the Silent Scream ?
Meera's Argument Ender ?
Fangs of Arden ?
Hollow Assassin ?
Heartseeker ?
Starscreed ?
La Vosilin of the Witches Three ?
Shawl of the Kingless Crow Master
Scythes of the Lucky Lunatic
Shadow Scythe
Planetary Strike Scroll ?
Star Flask ?
Titanium Throwing Axe ?
Totem of Shadows ?
Totem of Storms ?
Totem of Divine Mercy ?
Totem of Ice ?
Bite Trap ?
Phantasm Trap ?
Poison Spike Trap ?
Ice Spike Trap 20%
Silent Sword of Wisps ?
Cape of the Golden Snail Shell ?
Shadow Bear Shapeshift I ?
Sun Spider Shapeshift II ?
Thunder Gazer Shapeshift II ?
Totem Fangstick ?

Trivia[ | ]

  • Sometimes if you kill the boss by destroying a Shadow Crystal, the fight will continue until you destroy all the crystals.
  • There's a rare visual bug where if you destroy the last Shadow Crystal right after the Hollow King started spinning, he will explode during its spinning animation and his remains (mask) will spin through the vulnerability phase.
  • As of Patch 1.3.0 some recipes for weapons no longer drop, but the weapons themself instead drop.
  • DO NOT stand in the middle of the arena as the teleporter is there; this can cause you to teleport to the next island which results in you losing the boss drops.