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Hollow Knight of Mist


Hollow Knight of Mist are one of the many Hollow Knights variety. As with all Hollow Knights, it only appears at night. At first glance, the Hollow Knight of the Mist will appear to be a small green cloud of gas. Getting close enough within its line of sight or attacking it from afar will reveal its true identity.

Combat and Tactics[]

This enemy has only one attack pattern. Upon sight, it will run towards the player. Once it gets close enough, it will telegraph its attack by swinging its dagger. Roll dodge to the left, right, or backward to avoid the swing. If it lands a hit, the player will begin to take additional damage for a few seconds after the strike.

The Hollow Knight of Mist also has a chance to dodge attacks from the player.

Deals Resists Vulnerable to
Earth Electro Fire



The Hollow Knight of Mist is not specifically credited on the monster summary page of an island but can be found at night on: