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Hollow Knight of the Cursed


Hollow Knights Of The Cursed are one of the many Hollow Knight varieties. Unlike other knights which appear at night on certain islands, these only appear during an event, on the Morteheim Guildhall.

Combat and Tactics[]

This knight has a passive evade skill and two attacks. One will send a ball projectile towards the player, dealing Cursed Damage. After getting hit with the projectile, the players hits will mostly be misses for a short time. The second attack is when a player comes close to the Knight which causes it to hit them with his shield.

Deals Resists Vulnerable to
Cursed ??? ???



Hollow Knights of the Cursed are wearing the Set of the Bulwark which is Portal Knights' armor sets and a Hollow Mask of the Overlord which is a vanity item. This might suggest that they were Portal Knights in the past.


The Hollow Knight of the Cursed is only found on the Morteheim Guildhall island during the Mysterious Portal event.