Portal Knights Wiki
Hong Da Shu
Type: Trader
Sells: Recipes, Pets
Found on: Peach Tree Fields, Mountain Temple


Recipes and pets trader in Peach Tree Fields and Mountain Temple. In both islands he can be found out in the open and not far for from important locations.


Peach Tree Fields[]

Usually near the portal or A-Ming's and Lao Li's house. In stock here, he have an unlimited supply of recipes (40GP each) for: Red Firecracker, Blue Firecracker, Yellow Firecracker, Green Firecracker, Colorful Firecracker, Red Fireworks Rocket, Blue Fireworks Rocket, Yellow Fireworks Rocket, Green Fireworks Rocket, Colorful Fireworks Rocket, Red Fireworks Fountain, Blue Fireworks Fountain, Yellow Fireworks Fountain, Green Fireworks Fountain, Colorful Fireworks Fountain.

Mountain Temple[]

Usually near the landing pad or the Emperor's Temple. In stock here, he have an unlimited supply of Panda pet (10000GP) and recipes (40GP each) for: Paper Lantern (40GP), Temple Gate (500GP), Temple Door (600GP), Wooden Door with Window (400GP).