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Jade Stone Merchant.png

Event Line[]

A mysterious merchant has appeared on this island.


Find Ye the Jade Stone Merchant and complete his quest.

Loot and Tips[]

Ye will be in his house/shop that spawned on this island. The house itself is easy to find due to its size and "Chinese" look. Upon talking to Ye, he will ask you to kill 15x Bamboo Araktula and destroy 5x Spiderweb inside his house. After completing his quest and talking to him, you will gain access to his shop.

The Bamboo Araktulas in this event rarely move, do not chase the player, have a small detection range (about 2 blocks), are considerably weak at any level, respawn every time you come back to the island (even after the event has been completed) and have the same drop rates as the Araktulas from Araktula Invasion. That means that this event (if spawned at level 25 or more) is the perfect opportunity to farm Energy Crystals and the Trophy of an Araktula.


  • This event will be available between august 19 and 27 and will stay visible on the world map menu even after its completed.
  • You can find several furniture items inside and outside Ye's house that (prior to this event) were only possible to acquire during the Spring Festival event.
  • Like any event that spawns structures, if you reset the island, Ye's house will no longer appear.