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Jarin is a Trader NPC in Portal Knights located on Hintertown. found at from the entrance then left then left again and he should be there all the way down the stairs. He sells vanity armor which are quite expensive.

Item Cost Availability
Duchess Puff Hat - Black 1000g
Safe-In-Your-Arms Sleeves - Black 1000g
Magnifique Blouse - Black 1000g
Duchess Maxi Skirt - Black 1000g
Signature Valkyrie Helm - Bronze 1000g
Valkyrie Motif Gauntlets - Bronze 1000g
Valkyrie Activewear - Green 1000g
Valkyrie Evening Cape - Green 1000g
Performance Leggings - Green 1000g
Funny & Jongo's Assassin's Hood - Purple 1000g
Rogue Gala Gloves - Purple 1000g
Funny & Jongo's Rogue Mini - Purple 1000g
Suede Rogue Boots - Purple 1000g
Funny & Jongo's Assassin's Hood - Burgundy 1000g
Rogue Gala Gloves - Burgundy 1000g
Funny & Jongo's Rogue Mini - Burgundy 1000g
Suede Rogue Boots - Burgundy 1000g