Portal Knights Wiki

List Of Jewels[]

Icon Resource Found on Used in Dropped by
Flame Ruby Icon.png Flame Ruby Dusty Junction
Horseshoe Holdout
Callum's Claim
Red Crystal Block
Refined Flame Ruby
Flame Ruby Dust
Orange Concrete Block
Verdant Emerald Icon.png Verdant Emerald Garnet Peaks
Orson Orchards
Green Crystal Block
Refined Verdant Emerald
Verdant Emerald Dust
Green Concrete Block
Arcane Compass
Wisp in a Bottle
Leader Grunt
Sand Shell
Boulder Golem
Pacific Shell
Corroding Bones
Electro Quartz Icon.png Electro Quartz Angler's Wharf
Mosakola Harbor
Cape Carvel
Mayyan Delta
Deepest Mosakola
Dark Blue Crystal Block
Refined Electro Quartz
Electro Quartz Dust
Blue Concrete Block
Relic of Thunder
Electric Apprentice Wand
Mining Damage Flask
Hollow Knight of Thunder
Thunder Gazer
Saurian Mage
Purple Slime
Lime Crustor
Mini Dragon Blaster
Sea Sapphire Icon.png Sea Sapphire Joren's Outpost
Mount Meridian
Light Blue Crystal Block
Refined Sea Sapphire
Sea Sapphire Dust
Wisp in a Bottle II
Relic of Frost
Hollow Knight of Frost
Frozen Bones
Sun Diamond Icon.png Sun Diamond Glimmerglen
Pillars of Parun
Yellow Crystal Block
Refined Sun Diamond
Sun Diamond Dust
Wisp in a Bottle III
Relic of Light
Mirror Golem
Moon Opal Icon.png Moon Opal Great Frontier
Purple Crystal Block
Moon Opal Dust
Refined Moon Opal
Star Gazer
Gleaming Blossom

List Of Cut Jewels[]

Cut Jewels
Icon Resource Found on Used in Dropped by
Refined Flame Ruby Icon.png Cut Flame Ruby Mining Claw
Hag's Skull
Mage's Orb
Magic Ring of Fire
Lifebinder Ring
Pathfinder Jacket
Landing Pad
Ancient Worm
Dragon Queen
Hollow Knight of Fire
Refined Verdant Emerald Icon.png Cut Verdant Emerald Staff of Natural Wonders
Lifebinder Ring
Titanium Harvester of Doom
Golden Reaper
Iron Scythe
Golden Ceremonial Dagger
Titanium Ceremonial Dagger
Ancient Worm
Refined Electro Quartz Icon.png Cut Electro Quartz Iron Mining Claw
Crystal Staff of Creation
Ancient Ring of Thunder
Zuzsanna of the Witches Three
Copper Greatstaff of Lightning
Golden Bonegrinder
Titanium Bonegrinder
Copper Maul
Iron Maul
Ancient Worm
Ancient Evil Electro Worm
Refined Sea Sapphire Icon.png Cut Sea Sapphire Master's Orb
Staff of Ice
Magic Ring of Ice
Vitality Ring of Ice
Ancient Ring of Ice
Dragon Queen
Arctic Dragon Countess
Refined Sun Diamond Icon.png Cut Sun Diamond Gold Mining Claw
Golden Archstaff
Angelic Ring
Shining Ring of Battle
Ancient Ring of Light
King of Light
Hollow King
Refined Moon Opal Icon.png Cut Moon Opal Eternal Void
Sorceress' Skull
Dark Ring of Eternity
Captain's Jacket
Hollow Knight of Stars
Hollow King
King of Light