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Joren's Pyre
Crystallized Fire Longbow Icon.png
Max Stack: 1
Type: Ranged
Inflicts: Fire
Sell: 397 GP
Damage: 182
Craft With: Tomb of C'thiris (Chest Drop)
Crafting Time: 500s
Internal Item ID = 628


The Joren's Pyre is one of the Ranger Weapons in Portal Knights. The recipe can be obtained from an Epic Chest in the Tomb of C'Thiris or from the All-Watcher. The bow shoots three arrows, one doing full damage and the other two doing less. When used, it has the following effects on the player:

  • +21% Critical Strike Damage
  • +31% Critical Strike Chance


12x Energy Crystal
Energy Crystal Icon.png
16x Flame Ruby Dust
1x Gold Bar
Gold Bar Icon.png
2x Blazing Amber
Blazing Amber Icon.png