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The King of Light is the third Hard Mode Boss baced off of the hallow king . He has his own island arena, a level 35 area, Ancient Refuge also his pathing AI is really stupid so he can be easy with some strats.

The King of Light and 4 Light Crystals


The area can only be reached using a Relic of Light, the recipe for which drops from the normal mode final boss, the Hollow King. Before facing the King of Light, the players must navigate the corridors of the area entrance as described here: Ancient Refuge. When arriving on the arena surface, the King of Light awaits, along with 4 Light Crystals. Until a player strikes one of the crystals, the boss will ignore them. Once struck, the boss will begin attacking.

The King of Light has three attack phases that he will repeat endlessly until stunned. In the first attack, he spins toward the player in an almost unavoidable attack with his giant weapon. The second and third phases are identical: the boss targets a player and a golden sphere of energy appears around the player. After about a half second, the player starts taking large amounts of magic damage until he exits the sphere. Like the normal mode version (Hollow King), the players must destroy the crystals so that the boss falls to icon form and becomes vulnerable. There are 4 crystals; each time one is destroyed it spawns one Hollow Knight Overlord which will attack the players with a slow moving enemy seeking light globe. Destroying all the crystals will render the boss vulnerable to attack. It is not required to kill the Hollow Knight Overlords (but highly advisable), just the crystals. The boss will remain vulnerable for only a few seconds during which the players can do as much damage as possible. When the boss awakes from this state, he will launch wave after wave of bouncing light energy balls that need to be dodged. Following the bouncing balls, 4 new crystals will emerge and the player must start the whole process anew.

Combat and Tactics[]

The fight is best approached by a full party of well coordinated max level players. There is nothing tricky about killing the King of Light, it's just that he has an incredible amount of HP and failing to avoid either the energy sphere attack or the light balls will kill anyone but the most well geared players. Ideally, the players should stack as much Spell Damage resistance as possible and be able to deal large amounts of damage in order to reduce the length of the fight. The Light Crystals, Hollow Knight Overlords as well as the King of Light are all vulnerable to Dark Damage attacks, so it's preferable to use that type of attack. The player does not have to face the boss during the crystals attack phase, since there are no projectiles to dodge from the boss and the spinning attack is pretty much unavoidable anyway. They should rather concentrate on dealing constant damage to the crystals while keeping an eye out for the golden aura attack that can simply be side stepped before continuing with the fight. When a Hollow Knight Overlord spawns, take care of that first before moving on to the next crystal. It is conceivable that even a low level soloist could play the fight so perfectly that every enemy attack would be dodged and he could still eventually take down the boss. Such a fight would probably take hours considering the amount of health this boss has. The current "meta" for taking on this boss solo is a using a Mage character using armor where each piece provides at least one of crit, spell resistance, Light Damage resistance and the Critical Reset ability. The weapon of choice is the Titanium Masterwork Dreadwand wand and spells for the boss phase are War Cry and Greater Poison Rain. Even with all that the fight will last upwards of 15 minutes playing perfectly.


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