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The Kolemis Temple Trails is an Event that is activated when the player uses a Kolemis Tesseract. The event lasts for a little over 11 hours and 30 minutes.

Event Line[]

This island is but a fragment of a forgotten pre-Fracture empire, but it holds great historical significance as the proving ground of the empire's most cunning warriors: the Pillars. Will you pass their trials?


  • Speak to Soffis
  • Complete all 3 Temple Trials
    • Complete the Trial of Strength
    • Complete the Trial of Delving
    • Complete the Trial of Agility
  • Return to Soffis


Each trial is a series of rooms filled with obstacles. When you reach the end you will find a room with a bell, ring the bell to complete the trial.

Trial of Agility[]

You have to jump across platforms above lava, and avoid fireballs and the grates in the floor that shoot fire.

Trial of Strength[]

You must fight your way through rooms filled with monsters and other hazards. The first room has 4 Thunder Gazers in it, as well as some lava around the edges of the room. The second room has 4 Thunder Gazers in it plus the floor is filled with grates that periodically shoot fire. In the third room, you must fight a Burning Golum while avoiding the fire shooting out of the floor and the lava along the edges of the room.

Trial of Delving[]

You must find your way through a series of sand-filled rooms. You have to dig through the sand to find the doorways to the next room.

Loot and Tips[]

You will receive 1 Energy Crystal 6 Pink Portal Pieces for completing the quest.

Once you complete a trial you can simply use the map to teleport back to the launch pad, instead of trying to go back through the trial.

Chests may contain:

  • Gold Coins
  • Healing potions
  • 5 Sea Sapphires
  • 4 Electro Totems
  • 5 Teleportation Scrolls

Hidden rooms & Chests[]

Two paths[]

Midway through the Trial of Agility, you will find a point where you can take one of two routes. The main route (to the left) is easier, but If you take the route to the right, you will bypass the main route and be rewarded with a chest.

Two doorways

The route to the right is harder because the platforms are much smaller and the jumps are longer. The last jump is 4 blocks long and is impossible to make without a speed potion (because the farthest you can jump without a speed potion in 3 blocks).

The harder route (light up with torches, it is usually pitch-black except for the lava).

However, since you can break and place blocks within the Temple Trials, you can simply place blocks and build a bridge to the other side instead of jumping. It is very likely that being able to place and break blocks in the temple trials is unintentional and will eventually be fixed, preventing players from cheating their way through the course.

Hidden room within the Trial of Agility[]

In the very last room of the Trial of Agility (the one with the bell) there are three bricked-in doorways. The doorway on the right has a hidden room containing a chest behind the wall (see image below).

Hidden room within the Trial of Agility.

Secret Door Painting[]

In the first room of the Trial of Strength (the one with 4 Thunder Gazers), there is a Secret Door Painting high up on the wall. Behind the painting is a room containing a Statue of Al'Gathor, a Portrait of Allen the Agile, a Classic Wardrobe, and some books and pots.

Secret Door Painting in the Trial of Strength.


Kolemis Temple.

More of the island.

A room in the Trial of Agility.

A room in the Trial of Agility with fireballs.

Another room in the Trial of Agility.

A sand-filled room within the Trial of Delving.

Another sand-filled room within the Trial of Delving (notice the exploding barrels).

Trial of Strength building.

Trial of Delving building.

Trial of Agility building.

The room where you have to fight a Blazing Golem in the Trial of Strength.

A bell used to complete one of the trials.

A Portal to the Isle of Toblis, which can be activated using the Pink Portal Stones given to you for completing the trials.