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{{item|Lumberjack Axe|maxstack=1|sellvalue=17|craftingstation=[[Workbench]] II|craftingtime=2s|internalid=243}}
|Lumberjack Axe|
== Description ==
'''Lumberjack Axe''' is one of the [[Tools]] in [[Portal Knights]].
The [[Lumberjack Axe]] is one of the [[Tools]] in [[Portal Knights]]. It effectively mines [[Wood]] and has a mining damage of +8 for it.
== Crafting ==
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==Crafting Requirements==
| 3x || [[Wood Logs]] || [[File:Wood Logs Icon.png|center|50px]]
| 1x || [[Copper Bar]] || [[File:Copper_Bar_Icon.png|center|50px]]

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Lumberjack Axe
Lumberjack Axe Icon.png
Max Stack: 1
Sell: 17 GP
Craft With: Workbench II
Crafting Time: 2s
Internal Item ID = 243


The Lumberjack Axe is one of the Tools in Portal Knights. It effectively mines Wood and has a mining damage of +8 for it.


3x Wood Logs
Wood Logs Icon.png
1x Copper Bar
Copper Bar Icon.png