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Maggots are worm-like creatures that burrow out from beneath the ground. Maggots are capable of spitting out various elemental attacks, depending on the type of maggot they are (i.e: Magma Maggot = fire attack, Venom Maggot = earth attack).

Maggots may emerge from anywhere on the island but are more prevalent in underground caverns.

Combat and Tactics[]

Maggots are not visible at first sight and will not burrow up until a player approaches them. When players are close enough, they will shoot out projectiles. If the player strays too far, the maggot will dig down again, avoiding further damage. Maggots will dig up again when the player is close to them again. Some maggots are vulnerable to elemental attacks. The weakness will differ depending on the type of maggot encountered.

Types of Maggots[]

Maggot type Image Deals Resists Vulnerable to Locations Drops
Dusty Maggot Physical
Frost Maggot Water Fire Electro
Magma Maggot Fire Earth Water
Mummified Maggot Physical


Sea Maggot Water Fire Electro
  • During Events
  • In large pools of water
Space Maggot Dark Dark Light
Venom Maggot Earth Electro Fire