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Mama Mirabella is a trader that sells vanity armor in Portal Knights. She is found in the mages guild on the island of Glimmerglen.

Item Price Availability
Duchess Puff Hat - Blue 2000g
Safe-In-Your-Arms Sleeves - Blue 2000g
Magnifique Blouse - Blue 2000g
Duchess Maxi Skirt - Blue 2000g
Signature Valkyrie Helm - Gold 2000g
Valkyrie Motif Gauntlets - Gold 2000g
Valkyrie Activewear - Gold 2000g
Valkyrie Evening Cape - Purple 2000g
Performance Leggings - Purple 2000g
Signature Valkyrie Helm - Steel Blue 2000g
Valkyrie Motif Gauntlets - Steel Blue 2000g
Valkyrie Activewear - Orange 2000g
Valkyrie Evening Cape - Orange 2000g
Performance Leggings - Orange 2000g
Funny & Jongo's Assassin's Hood - Yellow 2000g
Rogue Gala Gloves - Yellow 2000g
Funny & Jongo's Rogue Mini - Yellow 2000g
Suede Rogue Boots - Yellow 2000g