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The Middle Rift is the Second rift in the Elf, Rogue and Rifts DLC. The middle Rift is comprised of 8 floors. Floors 1,2,5 and 6 each have 5 sublevels with an Obelisk to dispel and generally 2 hidden chests. Floor 4 is marked as Midway Rift Forge level where you are not timed, can craft or make purchases from the merchant Captain Fluffy Tum Tums. Finally floors 3 and 7 are levels in which you dispel two to three obelisks. The last floor has the Middle Rift Forge.

General Tips[]

  • Bring extra Rockets, they can help save time when moving between gaps.
  • Bring extra Explosion Bombs throwing these at clusters of crystals on a wall can save time.
  • Listen, both the chests and Crystal Spiders make the same sound when you are close to them.
  • Look for out of place blocks they may contain a path to a chest behind or under them.
  • Having pants with Double jump or using Cape of Wings can help the player get over ledges that are just out of reach. Keep in mind the cape has a slow fall on it which can slow down your mobility.
  • Pick up all Rift stability cubes you come across and use Scroll of Rift Stability to extend your time.