Miner's Boots (20 GP)

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The Miner Set is one of the Armor Sets in Portal Knights. However, instead of improving your stats for battle, this set is perfect for mining. It may be burdensome to change sets between mining and combat, but the options are worth taking the hassle. See below for a complete list of the armor and the necessary Resources to build it.

Miner's Helmet
Miner Helmet Icon.png
Armor Armor Icon.png 53
Requires Workbench Level II
Resources 6x Copper Bar
Craft Time 5m
+12% Mining Damage

Miner's Gloves
Miner Gloves Icon.png
Armor Armor Icon.png 26
Requires Workbench Level II
Resources 8x Cotton Cloth
Craft Time 5m
+6% Mining Damage

Miner's Work Clothes
Miner Jumpsuit Icon.png
Armor Armor Icon.png 106
Requires Workbench Level II
Resources 16x Cotton Cloth
Craft Time 5m
+7% Mining Damage

Miner's Boots
Miner Boots Icon.png
Armor Armor Icon.png 79
Requires Workbench Level II
Resources 16x Cotton Cloth
Craft Time 5m
+10% Mining Damage

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Miner Helmet radiates soft light, making it easier to see things while mining. It can be used in the Vanity slot instead of the real helmet slot and still provides light in dark places (without its additional bonus though).

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