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Mini Bomb
Mini Bomb Icon.png
Max Stack: 50
Type: Bomb
Sold by: Razzo
Buy: 26 GP
Sell: 16 GP
Craft With: Alchemy Table II
Crafting Time: 1s
Internal Item ID = ??


A Mini Bomb is a timed explosive made at the Archer Station II. When used, the Mini Bomb will be thrown roughly 10-20 blocks away. It then creates a small explosion capable of dealing small amounts of damage to enemies, as well as being able to break 1-3 blocks. It is the lesser variant of the other bombs such as Explosion Bombs and TNT.


1x Straw Block
Straw Block Icon.png
1x Verdant Emerald Dust
Verdant Emerald Dust Icon.png

Dropped By[]