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NPCs (Non Playable Characters) are humans that the player will find scattered through out the islands of the world. They can be one of the following:

  • Traders that will buy and sell all kinds of goods,
  • Quest givers that will ask the player to slay creatures or craft some items relative to the island level and reward the player with XP, gold and/or items, or
  • Talkers that will give some useful information to the player or simple say what comes to their mind.

Due to how the islands are generated, some NPCs may not spawn. This is an issue that is most common on small worlds and with talkers. But it can also happen to traders and quest givers. On the other hand, large worlds, may spawn several of the same talkers on a single island. Additionally, worlds made before the NPC update will not spawn the NPCs in their proper locations unless the islands themselves were created after said update.


Name Island Location Items Notes
Abelena Fort Finch Surface Potted Plants Unlimited Supply of: Large (blue,red,pink,white,yellow) Potted Flower(40GP), (blue,pink,red,white,yellow) Potted Flower(20GP), Potted Bush(40GP), Red Flower Window box(40GP), Potted Aloe(40GP), Fence(10GP), Water Pump(180GP), Drain(40GP)
Arwas the Eclectic Glimmerglen Surface Seeds native to island
Bolbec the Shrubber Farran-Enore Decoration and Pet
Big Ruven Farran-Enore
"Captain" Rattlepike Mayyan Delta Surface Recipe and Vanity Unlimited Supply of Bandana Recipe(400gp) and Big Black Beard(198gp)
Captain Brinebeard Broadside Bay Underground Weapons and Recipe Unlimited Supply of Captain Brinebeard's Cursed Saber (600gp), Brinebeard Collection Signature Flintlock(600gp), Captain Brinebeard's Staff of the Once Great Sea (600gp), Cannon Ball Recipe (40gp), Replica of the Dragon Totem Piece (2000gp), Hook Recipe (800gp), Brinebeard’s Uniform Recipe (1200gp), Wooden Leg Recipe (1400gp)
Captain Fluffy Tum Tums Low Rift

Middle Rift

High Rift

Potions and Flasks
Catherine All Hallows' Land (Spooky Portal event) Underground labyrinth (found following red carpet and green lantern) Category:Lanterns Limited supply of 20 each for Lantern (White) (20GP), Lantern (Blue) (30GP), Lantern (Red) (30GP), Lantern (Green) (30GP), Lantern (Pink) (40GP)
Cedany Raven's Den stylist
Conjurer Ortelia Hintertown Surface Potions + Ingridiants Limited Supply: Regular healing Potion(12GP), Regular Mana Potion(12GP), Armor Flask(32GP), Swiftness Potion II(12GP), Increased Healing Flask(72GP), Frost Lily(2GP), Water(2GP)
Doza the Alchemist Mayyan Delta Surface, in a tall wood house Potions and Plants Unlimited supply of Regular Healing Potion (12GP), Regular Mana Potion (12GP), Water (2GP), Desert Fruit (2GP), Red Berries (2GP), Carrot (2GP),Sweet Potato (2GP)
Dr. Stellamaris Starspires Top of Tower Non craftable Furniture Unlimited Supply of Replica of the Strange Totem Piece (3000gp), Laboratory Bottle (200gp), Laboratory Glass (40gp), Microscope (200gp), Telescope (200gp), Laboratory Test Tube Holder (40gp), Blackboard (200gp),, Meteor Shower (2000gp)
Edna the Farmer Port of Caul Surface - She's working a field near her large house Seeds Unlimited supply of Hoe (32GP) and Seeds (2GP). In stock: Carrot Seeds, Wheat Seeds, Cactus Seed, Desert Fruit Seed, Alabaster Mushroom Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Alabaster Bush Seed, Emerald Tree Seed, Spring Tree Seed, Ruby Tree Seed.
Eluni Sorrowsong Joren's Outpost Standing next to her cart of goods Piano Pads
Erik the Woodworker Orson Orchards Surface, small wooden house Furniture Unlimited supply of Stool (8GP), Chair (24GP), Large Book Shelf (14GP), Large Book Case (20GP)
Eri the Miner Brackenburg In a mineshaft underground Ores Limited supply of Iron Ore (12GP), Coal (2GP)
El-Ruan Hintertown Underground Furniture Limited Supply: Laboratory Notes(4GP), Pottery Bowl(8GP), Pottery Pot(8GP), Large Candle(4GP), Book(2GP), Torch(10GP), Dishes(10GP), Feather(2GP)*Quest Item
Fawnlyn Raven's Den
Fuzzyscrimps McCuddlefluffs Low Rift Landing

Middle Rift Mantle

High Rift Haven

Potions and Ingredients
Funny Jongo Garnet Peaks Surface - Vendor's stall with house behind Pets and Pet Homes Unlimited supply:Dog House(50G), Bird Cage(100G), Rat Wheel(100G), Leo the Boxer(10KG), Black Boxer(2000G), White Boxer(2000G), Gray Cat(800G), Black Cat(1200G), Green Frog(800G), Brown Toad(1200G), Brown Owl(800G), Brown-Black Owl(1200G), Gray Rat(40G), White Rat(800G), Gray Brown Monkey(1200G), Brown Monkey(1200G)
Frank the Farmer Landlubber's Leap Surface Seeds Unlimited supply of Hoe(32GP) and Seeds(2GP). Sweet Potato Seeds,, Frost Lily Seeds, Aloe Seed, Palm Seed, Fruit Palm Seed, Big Bloomer Seed, Swamp Shroom Seed and Amber Bell Seed.
Gorden the Pennywise Hintertown Surface Weapons, Trap and furniture Limited Supply: Fire Sting(400GP), Blades of Quietfall(200GP), Copper Masterwork Bow(74GP), Copper Crossbow(84GP), Bite Trap(20GP). Unlimited Supply: Barrel with Arrows (40GP), Quivers with Arrows(40GP), Target(20GP), Used Target(20GP)
Happy Honey Random


Surface-Small building Pets Unlimited Supply: Tree Stump(120GP), Cat Pillow(120GP), Günther the Hognose Snake(10000GP), Blue Snake(200GP), Grey Snake(200GP), Brown Bunny(200GP), Pink Frog(30000GP), Red Monkey(1200GP), Gray Monkey(1200GP), Black Poodle(2000GP)
Hong Da Shu Mountain Temple (Spring Festival event) Surface Recipes Panda pet (10000GP) and Unlimited supply of recipes for Paper Lantern (40GP), Temple Gate (500GP), Temple Door (600GP), Wooden Door with Window (400GP),
High Cultist Zeebo Shrieking Sands In temple Vanity, Blocks and Recipe Unlimited Supply of C’Thiris Curse I (2000gp), C’Thiris Mask Replica (200gp), Gloves of C’Thiris (100gp), Robe of C’Thiris (100gp), Pants of C’Thiris (100gp), Cape of C’Thiris (50gp), No.1 Fan Basecap (200gp), Large Stone Bricks Block Recipe (400gp), Yellow Stone Bricks Block Recipe (400gp), Replica of the Worm Totem Piece (1000gp), [Limited]Glowing Sandstone Block(100) (8gp)
Hong Da Shu Peach Tree Fields (Spring Festival event) Surface Recipes Unlimited supply 40GP each Recipes for: Red Firecracker, Blue Firecracker, Yellow Firecracker, Green Firecracker, Colorful Firecracker, Red Fireworks Rocket, Blue Fireworks Rocket, Yellow Fireworks Rocket, Green Fireworks Rocket, Colorful Fireworks Rocket, Red Fireworks Fountain, Blue Fireworks Fountain, Yellow Fireworks Fountain, Green Fireworks Fountain, Colorful Fireworks Fountain
Henry Landlubber's Leap Surface Home Potions Limited Supply: Minor Healing Potion(6GP), Minor Mana Potion(6GP), Swiftness Potion(16GP) Unlimited Supply: Turnip Juice(20GP)
Iki the Trader Addermoor Just standing there on the surface, no house Mushrooms Limited supply of Garden Mushroom (2GP), Garden Mushroom Seed (2GP), Alabaster Mushroom (2GP), Alabaster Mushroom Seed (2GP), Swamp Shroom (2GP), Swamp Shroom Seed(2GP)
Island Merchant Tori Fort Finch Surface in house Deeds and Blocks Unlimited Supply of Title Deed of Vacant Grassland Island (50gp), Title Deed of Vacant Forest Island (100gp), Title Deed of Vacant Dry Desert Island (50gp), Title Deed of Vacant Oasis Desert Island (100gp), Title Deed of Vacant Fairy Forest Island (50gp), Polished Wood Block (2gp), Grey Concrete Block (2gp), Straw Block (2gp), Copper-Plate Block(14GP), Torch (10gp)
Island Merchant Bryce Mount Meridian Surface in house Deeds and Blocks Unlimited Supply of Title Deed of Vacant Tropical Island (800gp), Title Deed of Vacant Coastal Island (1000gp), Title Deed of Vacant Toxic Island (800gp), Title Deed of Vacant Swamp Island (1000gp), Title Deed of Vacant Polar Island (800gp), Red Carpet Block (2gp), Stone Bricks Block (2gp), Rooftile Block (2gp), Dark Stone Bricks Block(8gp), Lantern (white) (20gp)
Island Merchant Dina Great Frontier Surface in house Deeds and Blocks Unlimited Supply of Title Deed of Vacant Volcano Island (1500gp), Title Deed of Vacant Crystal Island (1500gp), Title Deed of Vacant Hollow Lands Island (2000gp), Title Deed of Vacant Asteroid Island (1500gp), Title Deed of Vacant Red Planet Island (2000gp), Refined Marble Block (2gp), Refined Obsidian Block (2gp),Refined Celestial Block (4gp), Dark Rooftile Block(10GP), Classic Brazier (162gp)
Jacques LandLubber's Leap Surface Home Furniture Unlimited supply of: Pirate Flag(60GP), Rainbow Flag(60GP), Peace Flag(60GP), Explosive Barrel(198GP), Large Open Barrel(240GP), Large Barrel(240GP), Open Carriage(180GP), Closed Carriage(180GP) Limited supply: Cannon Ball(4GP), Pirate Chest(700GP), Wanted Poster(2GP)
Jarin Hintertown Surface Vanity
Jerold Fort Finch Surface


Furniture Unlimited Supply: Decorative Bookcase(60GP), Short Awning(60GP), Standing Awning(60GP), Long Awning(60GP), Sliding Paper Door(40GP), Large Sliding Paper Door(60GP), Bathtub(100GP), Wooden Mirror(100GP), Wooden Sink(100GP), Wooden Toilet(100GP), Baroque Table(140GP), Baroque Bed(142GP), Baroque Bookcase(122GP), Baroque Chair(64GP), Baroque Stool(64GP), Baroque Wardrobe(178GP), Short Baroque Cupboard(122GP), Wide Baroque Cupboard(120GP), Tall Baroque Cupboard(122GP), Baroque Nightstand(64GP), Baroque Bench(66GP), Baroque Sofa(66GP), Warrior Guild Banner(400GP)
Jorge the Stylist Fort Finch Surface


Appearance Allows you to change your character's appearance.
J.Son All Hallows' Land (Spooky Portal event) Underground labyrinth (found following red carpet and green lantern) Recipes Unlimited supply 40GP each Recipes for: Pumpkin Spice Cupid Corn Axe, Pumpkin Spice Sucker Punch, Pumpkin Spice Chocowand
Kiri Bar Juchne Glimmerglen Surface Recipes and Vanity
Kipling Fort Finch Surface Furniture Unlimited Supply: Long Stone Railing(60GP), Short Stone Railing(60GP), Draw Bridge(240GP), Short Metal Fence (Wide)(40GP), Short Metal Fence (Thin)(40GP), King's Coffin(40GP), Coffin(40GP), Obelisk Tombstone(40GP), Round Tombstone(40GP), Sun Dial(180GP), Mounted Sun Dial(180GP)
Lanora Timberspeak Hintertown Surface Furniture + Pet Unlimited Supply: Place Setting(10GP), Dishes(10GP), Ranger Statue(400GP), Shooting Ranger Statue(400GP), Ranger Guild Banner(400GP), Battle of Hintertown Forgery(2000GP), Hound(10000GP), Tea Set Shelves(100GP), 2x Stock Shelves(100GP), 4x Potion Shelves(60GP), Potion Rack(60GP)
Larimore Landlubber's Leap Surface Home Mannequins & Pet Unlimited Supply: MannequinA,B,C,D(40GP) Yellow Monkey(1200GP)
Librarian Glimmerglen Surface Books
Mama Mirabella Glimmerglen surface Vanity
Maligna Fort Finch Surface


Potions Limited Supply:Minor Healing and Mana Potion(6GP), Unlimited Supply: Medicine(Quest:Item)(20GP)
Mora the Mage Autumn Springs Top of Tower Recipe and Flask Unlimited Supply of Cat Paws Flask Recipe (100gp), Limited Supply of Cat Paws Flask(10) (16gp)
Mike the Miner Callum's Claim Surface, near a minecart Ores Limited supply of Copper Ore (8GP), Coal (2GP)
Mark the Farmer The Great Scar Surface Seeds Unlimited supply of Hoe (32GP) and Seeds (2GP). In stock: Blazing Chili Seed, Blazing Palm Seed, Peak Hip Seed and Magenta Berry Bush Seed.
Mary Landlubber's Leap Surface Furniture Unlimited Supply: Classic Table(52GP), Long Wood Railing(44GP), Short Wood Railing(44GP), Classic Bookcase(56GP), Classic Hanging Brazier(162GP), Classic Brazier(162GP), Classic Tall Brazier(216GP), Classic Chair(48GP), Classic Stool(48GP), Classic Wardrobe(56GP), Classic Dresser(50GP), Classic Cupboard(50GP), Big Classic Dresser(50GP), Classic Nightstand(50GP), Classic Bench(44GP), Classic Seat(46GP)
Nina the Farmer Lunar Landing Surface - Near house Seeds Unlimited supply of Hoe (32GP) and Seeds (2GP). In stock: Cosmic Mushroom Seed, Cobalt Leek Seed, Jelly Berry Seed, Starlight Tube Seed.
Nervous Gorvenal Glimmerglen Surface Appearance
Panodis Isle of Toblis Surface Armor Unlimited Supply: Imperator Gauntlets(500GP), Imperator Breastplate(1000GP), Imperator Crested Helm(500GP), Imperator Legbraces(1000GP), War Mage Gloves(500GP), War Mage Robes(1000GP), War Mage Circlet(500GP), War Mage Leggings(1000GP), Bracers of the Deathless Elite(500GP), Mail of the Deathless Elite(1000GP), Helm of the Deathless Elite(500GP), Sandals of the Deathless Elite(1000GP)
Planis Isle of Toblis Surface Armor Unlimited Supply: Centurion Gauntlets(50GP), Centurion Breastplate(100GP), Centurion Crested Helm(50GP), Centurion Legbraces(100GP), Battlemage Gloves(50GP), Battlemage Robes(100GP), Battlemage Circlet(50GP), Battlemage Leggings(100GP), Hooligan's Bracers(50GP), Hooligan's Mail(100GP), Hooligan's Helm(50GP), Hooligan's Sandals(100GP)
Rigolph the Alchemist Sea of Stalks Surface Potions and Plants Unlimited supply of Strong Healing Potion (18GP), Strong Mana Potion (18GP), Flammable Liquid (6GP), Glimmer Berries (16GP), Frost Lily (2GP), Blazing Chili (2GP), Blazing Berries (2GP)
Rakoh Winter Wonder Mountains (Festive Portal event) Winter town Vanity items, Pet and Recipe Unlimited supply of: Rudolf Mask (100GP), Little Elven Gauntlets (100GP), Little Elven Vest (100GP), Little Elven Cap (100GP), Little Elven Trousers (100GP), Reindeer pet (20GP), Red Hat recipe (40GP)
Raveneau Landlubber's Leap surface Appearance Change Allows you to change your appearance.
Sakidis Isle of Toblis Surface Armor Unlimited Supply: Legionnaire Gauntlets(200GP), Legionnaire Breastplate(400GP), Legionnaire Crested Helm(200GP), Legionnaire Legbraces(400GP), Master Battlemage Gloves(200GP0, Master Battlemage Robes(400GP), Master Battlemage Circlet(200GP), Master Battlemage Leggings(400GP), Bracers of the Deathless(200GP), Mail of the Deathless(400GP), Helm of the Deathless(200GP), Sandals of the Deathless(400GP)
Shelton Fort Finch Surface Explosives Unlimited supply of Mini Bomb (2GP), Explosion Bomb (14GP), TNT (22GP), Rocket (42GP)
Skully All Hallows' Land (Spooky Portal event) Underground labyrinth (found following red carpet and green lantern) Recipes Limited supply of 5 Recipes each for 40GP: Axe-Hat, Los Muertos Mask, Skeleton Gloves, Skeleton Shirt, Skeleton Hood, Skeleton Pants
Tiro Baker Hintertown Surface Furniture + Delicious Meal Unlimited Supply: Delicious Meal(20GP), Serving Pan(10GP), Frying Pan(10GP), Cooking Pot(14GP), Saucepan(14GP), Cauldron(w/lid)(14GP), Cauldron(w/o lid)14GP), Rolling Pin(12GP), Chopping Board(16GP), Teapot(20GP)
Tomo the Miner Old Hintertown Limited Supply: Gold Ore(16gp), Coal(2gp)
Uco the Miner Great Frontier Underground shelf - Hard to find Ores Limited supply of Titanium Ore (20GP), Coal (2GP)
Upwood Fort Finch Surface Furniture & Misc. Unlimited Supply: Book(2GP), Small Candles(4GP), Skull with Candle(4GP), Mannequin A,B,C,D(40G), Red Flag(60GP), White Flag(60GP)
Uwras the Unhinged Glimmerglen Surface Scrolls
Ye the Jade Stone Merchant Random Surface Recipes, Jade, Bamboo, vanity Limited Supply: Bamboo Logs(2GP), Raw Jade Stone Block(10GP), Unlimited Supply: Farmer's Hat(100GP), Recipe for Red Firecracker(40GP), Recipe for Green Firecracker(40GP), Recipe for Red Fireworks Rocket(40GP), Recipe for Red Fireworks Fountain(40GP)
Yunlyra Farran-Enore Decoration
Ysmay Fort Finch surface Vanity
Yurip Goodhaven Glimmerglen Surface Furniture & Block

Quest Givers[]

Name Island Location Quest requirement Reward
Alma the Guard Mount Meridian Underground in Dungeon defeat 5 Fallen Soldier XP + Energy Crystal
Aj-Ulak Hintertown Underground 5x Delicious Meal Xp + $$ + Battle of Hintertown
Acolyte Maria Shrieking Sands Surface C'Thiris Mask XP + $$ + 2x Regular Mana Potion + 2x Regular Healing Potion +Kraky
Anania Ol'faron Raven's Den craft Scroll of stability and bring back Uldrayus Ol'faron xp, gold Rogue Guild Banner
Anania Ol'faron Farran-Enore complete High Rift xp, gold, Title Deed of Vacant Elf Island
Archmage Lindor IX Portal Knight's Sanctuary Top of the castle 1x Energy Crystal
1x Astral Heart
1x Heal
$$$ + Spectral Pal
Archmage Meera IV Portal Knight's Sanctuary Underground (through secret doors) 10x Blue Portal Stone
10x Yellow Portal Stone
10x Green Portal Stone
10x Red Portal Stone
$$$ + Portal Statuette
Arietta Fort Finch In the Dungeon in the first cell to the Left Stolen Weapon XP + $$
Aj-Ygrur Glimmerglen Second Floor Middle of The Castle 3x Sun Diamond Dust

3x Sea Sapphire Dust

xp, Recipe for Scroll of Revelation and Scroll of Revelation x3
Barton the Smelter Brackenburg Surface House 8x Iron Ore Xp + Iron Bar x4
Brother Orwell Dusty Junction Surface Defeat Anub'Kraken XP + $$ + 3x Cursed Damage Protection Flask
Captain Sayidda Landlubber's Leap Surface Find and relocate npc Fenimore then find Captain Pickles XP + 51 Gold, Captain Pickles(pet)
Cyrill Squire's Knoll Surface-


N/A $$$ and XP. Plus there is also a chest in the basement.
Captain Brinebeard Broadside Bay Underground First: Find the Captain's lost Treasure Map

Second: Locate red cross, dig up Captain's chest and collect Golden Hook

XP, Pirate Flag,Dragon Totem Piece(Boss Portal Key)
"Captain" Rattlepike Mayyan Delta Surface 5x Coal

5x Cotton Cloth

Big Black Beard(vanity), Pirate Certification
Chris Winter Wonder Mountains In a dungeon underneath the watch tower 1x Big Red Bag $$$ + XP + Rednosed Reindeer (Pet)
Carl the Collector Autumn Springs Surface 1x Bones XP + $$
Carl the Collector Morello Marshes Surface - Standing on 1x1 square in middle of the main lake 3x Ancient Teeth $$$ + XP
Carl the Collector The Motherlode Surface 5x Crystal Thread XP + $$
Carl the Collector Lunar Landing Surface 7x Green Portal Stone $$$ + XP
Chuck the Hunter The Great Scar Surface 1x Iron Bow $$$ + XP
Carla the Hunter New Caul Surface Kill (3) White Slime Slime Trophy + XP
Chef Riddle Portal Knight's Sanctuary Dining Room 1x Egg
1x Relic of Frost
1x Golden Egg
$$$ + Cauldron recipe
Cleavon Fort Finch Second Floor 3x Red Berries XP + $$
Dagger Joe Hintertown Surface 1x Fire Sting,

Next: 1x Battle of Hintertown

XP +$$, Next: XP + $$ + Ranger Statue
Derrick the Smelter The Bone Wastes Surface - In a House 8x Gold Ore 4x Gold Bar + XP
Dr. Stellamaris Starspires Surface Gather meteorite and power up 3 Stellar Research Stations, then re energize and collect totem piece Strange Totem Piece(Boss Portal Key), Meteorite Trophy, XP, Goggles, $$
Elise Squire's Knoll Surface make Stone Pickaxe
Ella the Hunter North Point Surface Defeat 3x Fallen Soldier XP + Fallen Trophy
Fly Belle Glimmerglen Third Floor Left then Up some stairs Defeat 5x Hollow Imp xp, gold and Black Cat Ears
Gallows Grace Landlubber's Leap 2nd FL house 1x Pirate Anchor Xp + 51 Gold
Guildmaster Rudyard Fort Finch First: Get Medicne, Next: defeat 3 Thunder Gazer using Enrage XP + $$ + Enrage
Grand Magus Isadore Glimmerglen Second Floor Far Left Broom Pet Xp, Gold, Broom Pet, Recipe for Dark Damage Protection Flask, The Hollow Dimension
Hassan the Hunter Landlubber's Leap Surface 1x Copper Bow $$$ + XP
Hector the Guard Garnet Peaks In The Castle To The Far Left Defeat 5x Thunder Gazer XP + Energy Crystal
Henrik the Guard Farpoint Surface - In a Tower Kill (5) Fallen Wizards 1x Energy Crystal + XP
High Cultist Zeebo Shrieking Sands In His Temple Siting On His Throne C'Thiris Mask Worm Totem Piece(Boss Key)
Iris the Herbalist Orson Orchards Surface 1x Alabaster Mushroom Seed, 1x Carrot and 1x Pumpkin XP + 2x Swiftness Potion + 1x Magic Damage Protection Flask
Joan the Guard Pockmark Plains Surface - In a Castle Kill (5) Bomb Gazers 1x Energy Crystal + XP
Jilsara Ilsavor Farran-Enore confront Wyreth Ol'faron xp, gold and Banner of Faynore
Knight Guskin Portal Knight's Sanctuary Left Tower 10x Refined Celestial Block
10x Refined Jade Stone Block
10x Refined Marble Block
$$$ + Mighty Knight Statue recipe
Landor, The Gatekeeper The Gate Surface 1x Astral Heart $$$ + Gatestone
Linda the Farmer Plains of Passage Surface Copper Scythe XP + $$
Lucius Flyright Hintertown Surface Extinguish fires x5, Next: Find Sugar Cube XP + 69 Gold, next Xp + Ranger Guild Banner
Larry the Lumberjack Port of Caul Surface - Kind of in the woods, hard to find 1x Lumberjack Axe $$$ + XP
Luthor Witchwater Surface Defeat Knight Hunter XP + $$ + Recipe for Knight Hunter Amulet of Invocation
Master Gunner Morgan Landlubber's Leap Surface 3x Wood Logs

3x Copper Ore,

Next: Craft and place Ship Cannon,

Final:Test Cannon

XP + Recipe for Ship Cannon, next: Xp + 51 Gold(same for final part)
Mr. Teeter Lunar Landing Bunker-surface 10x Titanium Ore Titaniumfoil Hat + XP
Marley Winter Wonder Mountains Surface, on top of a hill/platform 12x Torn Red Hat $$$ + XP + Green Star Lantern
Monroe the Knight Facetta Surface 1x Defender Spiked Greaves $$$ + XP
Monroe the Knight Dusty Junction Surface 1x Squire's Leggings XP + gold
Monroe the Knight Mosakola Harbor Surface 1x Beastmaster Legbraces XP + $$
Monroe the Knight Great Frontier Surface 1x Feared Berserker Legbraces $$$ + XP
Mordrick the Exterminator Port of Caul Surface Defeat Slime Queen XP + $$ + Recipe for Slime Queen Amulet of Invocation
Mrs. Spade Portal Knight's Sanctuary Garden Kill (2) Green Slimes $$$ + Dirt Block
Mr. Chevelle Portal Knight's Sanctuary Balcony, 3nd floor 400x Dirt Block $$$ + Super Drill
Nick the Hunter Fort Finch Surface Kill (3) Swaying Blossoms Blossom Trophy+ XP
Nikki the Hunter Joren's Outpost Surface Kill (3) Saurian Mages Saurian Trophy + XP
Oswix the Impassioned Glimmerglen First Floor 1x The Care and Feeding of Greatbeasts

1x My Year Spent Living Amongst the Ancient Worm

xp, gold and Green Portal Stone Shard
Ol' Gregg Portal Knight's Sanctuary Rightmost tower 10x Refined Dark Wood Block
10x Refined Wood Block
10x Refined Bamboo Block
$$$ + Long Stone Table recipe + Long Wood Table recipe
Paulsgrave Landlubber's Leap Surface 5x Turnip Juice XP + 51 Gold
Phyllis the Hunter Autumn Springs Surface 1x Wood Bow $$$ + XP
Philippa the Hunter Sea of Stalks Surface 1x Gold Masterwork Longbow $$$ + XP
Rarne Wellshot Hintertown Surface 6x Silk

4x Feather

Next: place 3 Bite Traps

XP + 69 Gold + Bite Traps, next: XP + 34 Gold + Bite Traps
Ranger Riley Portal Knight's Sanctuary Balcony, 2nd floor 5x Ancient Golden Teeth
5x Greater Water Essence
5x Torn Red Hat
$$$ + Target recipe
Ricker Fort Finch Defeat 3 Leader Grunt XP + $$$
Robert Squire's Knoll Surafe Fix Workbench
Rupert Squire's Knoll Surface Complete portal
Spectral Apparition Sea of Stalks Surface right in front of you where you spawn Defeat the All-Watcher XP + $$ + Recipe for All-Watcher Amulet of Invocation
Stanton the Geologist Dusty Junction Surface 10x Flame Ruby $$$ + XP
Stanton the Geologist Filia's Folly Surface in his shack 18x Gold Ore XP + $$
Stanton the Geologist Witchwater underground-note: may have to mine down to get to him 14x Iron Ore XP + $$
Stanton the Geologist Sea of Stalks Surface - Holding a Torch 15x Moon Opal $$$ + XP
Shifea Mosakola Harbor Surface - In a Hut 2x Bones
2x Flame Ruby
Zuzsanna of the Witches Three + XP
Sammy the Smelter Plains of Passage Surface 8x Copper Ore 4x Copper Bar + XP
Silas the Stern Fort Finch Top floor left Craft and place 2x Wooden Bridges XP + $$$
Tau A-Harad Glimmerglen Second floor left to the middle then up some stair and he should be behind you Find Correct Scroll and cure 3 ailing mages. xp, gold, Unfinished Motivation Scroll and Unfinished Lift Scroll
Tiro Baker Hintertown Surface 3x Eggs

5x Frost Lily,

Next: Get 6x Dishes

XP + $$, next XP + $$ + Delicious Meal
Tim the Cook Deepest Mosakola Surface 3x Iron Bar XP + Daggers of the Unseen Hand
Tagus the Wizard Ghostlight Mire In a dungeon 1x Dreadwand of Storms $$$ + XP
Tagus the Wizard Angler's Wharf Surface 1x Masterwork Wand of Fire XP + $$
Tagus the Wizard Callum's Claim Surface Wand of Fire XP + $$
Tagus the Wizard Pillars of Parun In an ornate home 1x Gold Masterwork Dreadwand $$$ + XP
Tagus the Wizard Glimmerglen In the last floor of his Castle find and relocate Xarif xp and gold
The Archivist Portal Knight's Sanctuary Library, 2nd floor 10x Copper Ore
10x Iron Ore
10x Gold Ore
10x Titanium Ore
$$$ + Globe
Uko the Gladiator Angler's Wharf On an island in a crater Kill 1 Crustor and 3 Purple Slime XP
Uldrayus Ol'faron Farran-Enore find a scroll in Middle Rift xp and gold
Wallace the Smelter Farpoint In House 8x Titanium Ore 4x Titanium Bar + XP
Wyreth Ol'faron Farran-Enore clear Middle Rift xp and gold
Zane the Smith Addermoor In a house 4x Iron Bar XP + Worm Cutter

Relocatable NPCs[]

Some NPC's require the player to complete a quest before you can move them. The glitched NPCs have been fixed in a recent patch Aj-Kuar El-Auuk, Frank the Farmer, Nina the Farmer are now all movable again

Name Location Quest?
Anania Ol'faron Middle Rift Yes(don't have to finish)
Arietta Fort Finch Yes
Aj-Kuar Hintertown No
Cyrill Squire's Knoll Yes
Carl the Collector Lunar Landing Yes
Carla the Hunter New Caul Yes
Elise Squire's Knoll Yes
Erik the Woodworker Orson Orchards yes
El-Ulum Hintertown No
El-Auuk Hintertown No
Eluni Sorrowsong Joren's Outpost No
Edna the Farmer Port of Caul No
Funny Jongo Garnet Peaks yes
Fenimore Landlubber's Leap Yes
Frank the Farmer Landlubber's Leap No
Fuzzyscrimps McCuddlefluffs Low Rift Landing

Middle Rift Mantle

High Rift Haven

Iki the Trader Addermoor yes
Janine Squire's Knoll no
Jarin Hintertown yes
Linda the Farmer Plains of Passage Yes
Larry the Lumberjack Port of Caul Yes
Mama Mirabella Glimmerglen No
Mike the Miner Callum's Claim No
Mark the Farmer The Great Scar yes
Mr. Teeter Lunar Landing Yes
Monroe the Knight Great Frontier Yes
Nina the Farmer Lunar Landing No
Philippa the Hunter Sea of Stalks Yes
Rupert Squire's Knoll Yes
Robert Squire's Knoll Yes
Rigolph the Alchemist Sea of Stalks No
Shelton Fort Finch No
Stanton the Geologist Sea of Stalks No
Tagus the Wizard Pillars of Parun Yes
Uko the Gladiator Angler's Wharf Yes
Uldrayus Ol'faron Farran-Enore Yes
Xarif Glimmerglen yes
Ysmay Fort Finch yes
Zane the Smith Addermoor Yes


This list is incomplete.

Name Island Location Notes
Ulv the Adventurer Dusty Junction Surface Just there to remind us to dig under monuments
Morton the Miner Dusty Junction & Brackenburg Surface - Near entrance to a mine Just there to remind us to dig deeper!
Ru the Shaman Surface Reminding us to grab all the potions we can
Ara the Acolyte Surface "Are you the wanderer?"
Ephea Winter Wonder Mountains Inside one of the houses in winter town Citing phrases from Christmas songs
Inu Winter Wonder Mountains Inside one of the houses in winter town
Iris Winter Wonder Mountains In one of the houses outside of the winter town
Kyra Winter Wonder Mountains Winter town
Lex Winter Wonder Mountains In one of the houses outside of the winter town
Noshia Winter Wonder Mountains Winter town
Rina Winter Wonder Mountains Inside one of the houses in winter town
Rory Winter Wonder Mountains Winter town
Zane Winter Wonder Mountains In one of the houses outside of the winter town