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Nectar of the earth.png

Event Line[]

Worms on this island hold a Earth Fire for breaking down matter


Craft a Mining Damage Flask using the Venom Maggot's temporary special drops.

Loot and Tips[]

Each Venom Maggot will drop Worm Goo (an ingredient) and rarely the recipe for Mining Damage Flask. Only when (and if) you find that can you craft the flask. The Venom Maggots will substitute the natural spawned maggots in this island. The best places to find them are in the deep parts of mine shafts, any deep cave and derelict islands.

If possible, bring one Stone Block with you when traveling to the island. This way, you may craft the Mining Damage Flask easily and use the event only to acquire as many Worm Goo as you can.

In case you find a spawn point with a easy access near the landing pad, the best course of action to farm Worm Goo is kill the Venom Maggots in that spawn point, travel to another island and come back to force their re spawn.