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Dungeon cage with a pet inside

Pets are creatures that follow the player around. They serve no specific function in the game; they are decorative only. Note that some pets tend to obstruct vision of the player, especially the flying ones.

Some pets are found in dungeon cages, some are dropped by bosses while others are sold by NPCs. All pets can be sold to any NPC trader.

Icon Pet Dropped by Bought from Cost
Gray Cat Icon.png Gray Cat Funny Jongo 800GP
Black Cat Icon.png Black Cat Funny Jongo 1200GP
Orange Tabby Cat Icon.png Orange Tabby Cat Dungeons -
Striped Black-White Cat Icon.png Striped Black-White Cat -
Rainbow Cat Icon.png Rainbow Cat Found in Portal Pioneer Bonus Box -
Gold Cat Icon.png Midas' Cat Found in Gold Throne Gift Box -
Slime Cat Icon.png Slime Cat Found in Emerald Throne Gift Box -
Cosmic Cat Icon.png Cosmic Cat Found in Sapphire Throne Gift Box -
Leo the Boxer Icon.png Leo the Boxer Funny Jongo 10000GP
Black Boxer Icon.png Black Boxer Funny Jongo 2000GP
White Boxer Icon.png White Boxer Funny Jongo 2000GP
Green Frog Icon.png Green Frog Funny Jongo 800GP
Brown Toad Icon.png Brown Toad Funny Jongo 1200GP
Blue Frog Icon.png Blue Frog Dungeons -
PinkFrog .jpg Pink Frog Happy Honey the Pet Merchant Event 30000GP
Brown Owl Icon.png Brown Owl Funny Jongo 800GP
Black Owl Icon.png Brown-Black Owl Dungeons Funny Jongo 1200GP
White Owl Icon.png White Owl Dungeons -
Black Owl Mailbox -
Gray Rat Icon.png Gray Rat Dungeons Funny Jongo 40GP
Purple Rat Icon.png Rocking Rat Dungeons -
White Rat Icon.png White Rat Funny Jongo 800GP
Spectral Pal Icon.png Spectral Pal Archmage Lindor IX 1x Astral Heart
1x Energy Crystal
1x Heal
Apple Larva Icon.png Apple Larva Ancient Worm -
Grape Larva Icon.png Grape Larva hard to get. Ancient Evil Electro Worm -
Princess Of Fire Icon.png Princess of Fire Dragon Queen -
Princess of Ice Icon.png Princess of Ice Arctic Dragon Countess -
Dark Prince Icon.png Dark Prince Hollow King -
Bright Prince Icon.png Bright Prince King of Light -
Lava Spore Icon.png Lava Spore Spore Outbreak (Event):
Lava Spore
Mana Spore Icon.png Mana Spore Spore Outbreak (Event):
Mana Spore
Poison Spore Icon.png Poison Spore Spore Outbreak (Event):
Poison Spore
Gloden Spore Icon.png Golden Spore Recipe from Kiri Bar Juchne 2000g
Parrot Icon.png Parrot Parrots, Parrots Everywhere... (Event):
Emerald Parrot
Pollythe PirateParrot.png Polly the Pirate Parrot Corsair Parrot(Broadside Bay) -
Panda Icon.png Panda Hong Da Shu on Mountain Temple (Spring Festival event) 10000GP
Red Panda Icon.png Red Panda Surprise Delivery(Mailbox) -
Crab Icon.png Crab Found in (Vanity


Sky Dragon Icon.png Sky Dragon Spring Festival Event reward -
Rednosed Reindeer Icon.png Rednosed Reindeer Christmas Event -
Reindeer.png Reindeer Christmas


GünthertheHognoseSnake.png Günther the Hognose Snake Happy Honey the Pet Merchant Event 10000GP
BlueSnake .jpg Blue Snake Happy Honey the Pet Merchant Event 200GP
GreySnake .jpg Gray Snake Happy Honey the Pet Merchant Event 200GP
Green Snake.png Green Snake Mailbox
RedSquirrel .jpg Red Squirrel Happy Honey the Pet Merchant Event 20GP
BrownBunny .jpg Brown Bunny Happy Honey the Pet Merchant Event 200GP
Dappled Brown Bunny Icon.png Dappled Brown Bunny Forest Animal Box DLC -
Kraky.png Kraky Acolyte Maria(Quest) -
Bumblebee Icon.png Bumblebee Forest Animal Box DLC -
Duck Icon.png Duck Forest Animal Box DLC -
Goose Icon.png Goose Mailbox
Raccoon Icon.png Raccoon Forest Animal Box DLC -
Hound Icon.png Hound Lanora Timberspeak(Hintertown) 10000GP
Captain Pickles Icon.png Captain Pickles Captain Sayidda Quest Reward(Landlubber's Leap) -
Red Monkey Icon.png Red Monkey Happy Honey the Pet Merchant Event 1200GP
Grey Monkey Icon.png Gray Monkey Happy Honey the Pet Merchant Event 1200GP
Brown Monkey Icon.png Brown Monkey Funny Jongo 1200GP
Grey Brown Monkey Icon.png Gray Brown Monkey Funny Jongo 1200GP
Yellow Monkey Icon.png Yellow Monkey Larimore 1200GP
Blonde Monkey Icon.png Blonde Monkey Surprise Delivery(Mailbox) -
Black Poodle Icon.png Black Poodle Happy Honey the Pet Merchant Event 2000GP
White Poodle Icon.png White Poodle Surprise Delivery(Mailbox) -
Pink Poodle.png Pink Poodle Mailbox
Turtle Icon.png Turtle Surprise Delivery(Mailbox) -
Broom Pet Icon.png Broom Pet Recipe from chest and Kiri Bar Juchne 1000g
Pink Imp Icon.png Pink Imp High Rift Forge
Orange Imp Icon.png Orange Imp Middle Rift Forge
Turquoise Imp Icon.png Turquoise Imp Low Rift Forge
Green Dinosaur Icon.png Green Dinosaur Bought from Bolbec the Shrubber 1000g
Red Dinosaur Icon.png Red Dinosaur Mailbox(gift)
Pink Dinosaur.png Pink Dinosaur Mailbox