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About Portal Knights

Leave the familiar world behind and step into the fantastic unknown with Portal Knights! Play with your friends in this action-packed crafting adventure across dozens of sandbox Islands connected by ancient portals.

No one can remember how long it’s been since the peaceful world was torn apart by The Fracture, plummeting it into darkness. Is there any soul brave enough to reunite the shattered realm?

Begin your journey as a Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Rogue(DLC) or Druid(DLC). Defeat villainous Monsters and epic Bosses to level up and hone your skills & abilities.

Travel The World between Islands by collecting portal Shards and rebuilding the ancient gateways. Gather resources to craft powerful Weapons, Armor, Skills and build a home filled with the treasure from your journeys.

Craft your adventure. Forge your hero. Become the ultimate Portal Knight!

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