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A strange, buzzing relic...
''"A strange, buzzing relic..."''
The [[Relic of Thunder]] is used to enter the [[Ancient Lair]] and fight the [[Ancient Evil Electro Worm]], the first Hard Mode [[Bosses|Boss]]. The [[Recipes|Recipe]] for it is a rare drop from the first [[Bosses|boss]], the [[Ancient Worm]].
==Crafting Requirements==
==Crafting Requirements==

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Relic of Thunder
Relic of Thunder Icon.png
Crafting Time: instant
Internal Item ID = ??


"A strange, buzzing relic..."

The Relic of Thunder is used to enter the Ancient Lair and fight the Ancient Evil Electro Worm, the first Hard Mode Boss. The Recipe for it is a rare drop from the first boss, the Ancient Worm.

Crafting Requirements

16x Electro Quartz
Electro Quartz Icon.png
4x Energy Crystal
Energy Crystal Icon.png