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{{NPC|Rigolph|type=[[NPCs#Traders|Trader]]|sells=[[Consumables]]|location=[[Great Frontier]]}}
{{NPC|Rigolph|type=[[NPCs#Traders|Trader]]|sells=[[Consumables]]|location=[[Sea of Stalks]]}}
== Description ==
== Description ==

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Rigolph the Alchemist
Type: Trader
Sells: Consumables
Found on: Sea of Stalks


Consumables trader living on Sea of Stalks with an unlimited supply of Strong Healing Potion (18GP), Strong Mana Potion (18GP), Flammable Liquid (6GP), Magenta Berries (16GP), Ice Rose (2GP), Chili (2GP) and Fire Berries (2GP).


He will be under a small wooden structure filled with paper boxes, books and vials.