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Rocket Icon.png
Max Stack: 50
Sold by: Razzo
Buy: 42 GP
Sell: 21 GP
Craft With: Altar II
Crafting Time: Instant
Consumable: Yes
Internal Item ID = ??

To infinity and Beyond!


Rockets launch the player into the air. They can be used in difficult battles to escape damage and have a special value when fighting Hard Mode Bosses. The recipe for them is dropped by the Ancient Worm.

Rockets can catapult you 10 blocks high and 5 blocks forward (if you keep going forward after your launch). You can go even farther when you activate the rocket under the effect of Swiftness Potion or Swiftness Potion II. If you keep holding down the key that the Rocket was assigned to, another Rocket will be used exactly after you are at the peak of 10 blocks higher than your starting position. This is a good strategy to reach higher places and derelict islands. Rockets can be activated at any given moment even underwater or while falling which makes them a good way to come back if you fall into the abyss or simply want to move around faster.


2x Flame Ruby Dust
Flame Ruby Dust Icon.png
5x Blazing Chili
Chili Icon.png

Dropped By[]


  • So far, they are one of the best items to spend your hard-earned GPs on. Razzo has an unlimited supply of them.
  • Rockets cause a small amount of fire damage if used close to creatures.
  • As long as you land on a block that is as high (or higher) as the one you started from, you will not suffer any fall damage no matter how high you were flying using Rockets.