Rush is a buff for armour that regenerates a specified amount of health (highest 71) upon a critical strike. Rush can be used to tank lots of hits from a large group of enemies and heal quickly, this is especially useful for the relic defenses.

Armor with this buff and the effect it has:

As a warrior, to maximize this, and have a total incoming healing of +196 health a second, you would use:


Imperishable helm

  • Rush: 52 health

Breastplate of retribution

  • Rush: 71 health

Gauntlets of retribution

  • +8% crit chance
  • +120 health

Greaves of retribution

  • +5% crit damage
  • +8% crit chance

Cloak or the eternal watcher

  • +5% crit damage
  • +8% crit chance

Ring of Harold's revenge

  • Rush: 71 health

Total stats

  • Rush - 194 health
  • +10% crit damage
  • +24% crit chance
  • +120 health


Personally, I would use either Kitsu's emerald scimitar (172 base damage) because of the 56% crit chance or the Axe of the lone archfiend (208 base dmg) for the 64% crit chance. However, Kitsu's emerald scimitar, being a sabre, has a much higher attack speed than the Axe of the lone archfiend. This being roughly 2 attacks per second rather than roughly 1 attack per second. The higher attack speed results in you being healed around 2x faster, therefore Kitsu's emerald scimitar is clearly better.

Talent configuration

There are no warrior talents that increase critical strike chance or attack speed but for this Rush powered tank build these are some I would use;

  • Fortification (drastically increased health regeneration after standing still for 5 seconds)
  • Last stand (when below 90% health drastically increases health, can only occur every 90 seconds)
  • Determination (+5% armour for every enemy within 5 blocks)
  • Tank mode (+30% incoming healing)
  • Hardened armour (+25% armour)

Skills and potions

In this order:

  • Armour flask 90 seconds (+30% armour)
  • Deafening roar 20 seconds (-20% enemy damage, is also scaled by strength)
  • recklessness 10 seconds (-20% enemy damage, is also scaled by strength)
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